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Jan Bolinder Head of Department of Medicine, Huddinge

The president of KI decided December 2012 that Jan Bolinder will be Head of Department of Medicine, Huddinge for the next three years.

Congratulations Jan! How does it feel?

-I feel gratitude that I, after nine years as the chairperson of the Department, have continued confidence to run the Department. It´s still a lot of fun, stimulating and challenging work.

-But it is something to think about that no other candidate expressed interest of becoming chairperson. It will be an important issue to work with during the next term.

What do you think is the best with our Department?

-Despite a diverse and in some ways fragmented content of activity, I feel that within the Department there is a good sense of community. Perhaps this is facilitated by the fact we are a "right size" department, with geographical proximity.

-Regarding our core structure: the creation of our translational research centers which have a close link between basic science and clinical research, a very well organized doctoral education with continued good recruitment of clinical graduate students despite a tougher medical production, and a graduate education with the best reputation.

-For my personal part: a very good working environment with the management team, and the daily work - an efficient and pleasant cooperation with the administration.

What are your hopes for the Department over the next three years?

-To build more strong translational research centers, which will mean the need for strategic recruitments at all levels. To plan, with good foresight, for the necessary succession in an aging professor collective. Together with the other departments at KI´s south side, promote a continued strong research and development environment in Huddinge. And to be well prepared for a possible reorganization of the departments at KI, both in terms of strategic choices as well as a stable economy.