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How can we apply Cognitive Science in our education?

Podcast episode from MedEdTalk

Cognitive science can be a bit hard to get a grip on. Text about the subject can often feel dense or abstact and hard to understand how we can apply iit n educational settings.

Because of that, Teresa Sörö talks has invited Dr Holly Gooding, assistant professor in Pediatrics in Harvard Medical School and the author of "Twelve tips for applying the science of learning to health professions education" to talk about how we can apply what we know about how we learn. Dr Holly Gooding is co-director of the Harvard Macy Institute for Educators in the Health Professions. She is interested in evidence based approaches to teaching and learning and the promotion of wellness and mental health amongst young adults.

The talk covers cognitive load theory with the three types: intrinsic, extraneous, and germane, transfer of knowledge, interleaving, desirable difficulties and practical implications.

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