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Christer Sylvén group

The group studies how tissues can be created and repaired. The focus is on studying and developing therapies that in the future can be transferred to clinical use.

Tissue and Motion research network

Keywords: Regenerative cardiology


Christer Sylvén, group leader, professor
Agneta Månsson-Broberg, med dr, physician
Karin Ljung, physician, PhD student
Ivana Bulatovic, PhD student
Rami Genead, med dr

Oscar Simonsson, PhD student


  • Cardiopoetic mesenchymal stem cells - Agneta Månsson-Broberg, med dr, physician
  • Cardiac regeneration and immunotolerance - Karin Ljung, physician, PhD student
  • Apoptosis-powered cardiac muscle dedifferentiation - redifferentiation - Ivana Bulatovic, physician, PhD student
  • Ischemia-reperfusion stimulates the regeneration of the heart - Rami Genead, med dr
  • Experimental Imaging - Oscar Simonsson, PhDstudent

PhDs - supervised by Christer Sylvén


Rami Genead Embryonic and adult cardiac stem cells - molecular, electrophysical and immunological characteristics for cardiac repair


Karolina Szummer Influence of renal dysfunction on therapy and prognosis in patients with myocardial infarction
Elzafir Elsheikh Endothelial cells: Dysfunction and repair mechanisms
Christian Danielsson Role of the hERG-channel in arrhythmia and teratogenicity. Studies in animal models and the human embryonic heart


Karl-Henrik Grinnemo Cell transplantation with human mesenchymal or embryonic stem cells to the heart : Experimental, molecular, immunological and echocardiographic studies
Bita Sadigh Analgetic and algetic effects of adenosine in healthy volunteers and patients with coronary disease


Andreas Rück Myocardial gene therapy and gene expression in angina pectoris
Xiaojin Hao Experimental therapeutic angiogenesis after myocardial infarction: Efficacy of different angiogenic factors and delivery method


Anwar J Siddiqui Therapeutic myocardial angiogenesis and its pharmacological modulation
Nondita Sarkar Myocardial angiogenesis induced by plasmid VEGF-A165 gene transfer: Experimental and clinical studies

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