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Search for Junior Investigators in Human Immunology and Infectious Diseases Research

Center for Infectious Medicine (CIM) at Karolinska Institutet is conducting an open search for new outstanding junior investigators in the research area of human immunology and infectious diseases. Research at CIM is focused around studies of the human immune system and infection-immunity. Furthermore, CIM takes advantage of the unique assets that the Karolinska University Hospital offers in terms of clinical collaborations and supply of rare clinical material.

The Center is currently organized around 14 independent research groups and has since its inauguration in 2002, over the years, grown and gained national and international recognition. In 2018, CIM will relocate to larger newly renovated laboratory facilities. We are in relation to this conducting an open search for potential new Junior Investigators. A central aim and core value of the Center is to provide an environment and platform for the fostering of new generations of research leaders in the fields of human immunology and infectious diseases.

CIM offers a dynamic and integrated environment where research groups share office space, laboratory space, cutting edge facilities and equipment. Collaborations between the research groups represent a core value. Our commitment towards collaboration and scientific excellence in all respects gives CIM scientists a significant advantage as they work across disciplines and utilize shared knowledge, to pursue big ideas for transformational discoveries.

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Key components in our recruitment

Key components in our ongoing recruitment processes are scientific excellence, qualifications for performing well, ability to interact in a geographically co-localized group of scientists, likelihood of contributing to the CIM:s development and personal skills. Furthermore, the ability to bring new technology, provide new methodological skills, add theoretical competence and contribute to the interdisciplinary environment is important.

The Center has, since its inauguration, actively striven towards having equal numbers of men and women at all levels including students, post docs, senior scientists and group leaders as well as technical and administrative personnel.