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Brief facts

  • The Center was in 2003 recognized as a "Strategic Research Center" within Life Sciences by the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research, and in 2009 as a "Medical Theme Center" by Karolinska Institutet and the Stockholm County Council
  • CIM operates in an "under-the-same-roof" environment within the Department of Medicine, Huddinge and is affiliated with the Infectious Diseases Department at the Karolinska University Hospital
  • CIM is built around 17 research groups
  • The Center trains at the moment around 25 graduate students and 20 postdocs
  • The Center has excellent clinical collaborations and international collaborations with many leading international universities as well as with research sites in several developing countries.
  • ​Research competence areas within the Center include viral-, microbial- and mucosal immunology, hematology/cancer, diabetes/autoimmunity, immunotherapy/vaccinology, immunogenetics/genomics and is organized around defined platforms including model systems for disease, diagnosis, pathogenesis, prevention, and therapy
  • The Center is leading the development in advanced flow cytometry. CIM also has strong platforms in cellular, tissue and organotypic tissue models. It has access to GMP-production unit for vaccines and cells for therapeutic use
  • CIM maintains close interactions with biotech and industry, and its members have been involved in the formation of several Biotech companies
  • Since 2003 more than 640 research articles have been published from the Center in peer-reviewed journals of high quality. Of these more than 90 have been published in journals with an impact factor over 10