About the admission process for Supervisors at MedH

The website is directed to you who are/will become Supervisor of a doctoral student at MedH. Here you find all the steps in the admission process.

Mattias Svensson

H7 Department of Medicine, Huddinge

ISP – Individual study plan

After admission, an individual study plan (ISP) is written by the doctoral student together with their supervisors. The ISP must be submitted set up consultation with the doctoral student. The ISP must be submitted within 1 month and an ISP seminar will be held by the PhD student-

ISP Individual Study Plan

Before the seminar:

The ISP must be submitted within 1 month after admission and updated annually irrespective of study rate. The director of Doctoral studies together with the educational board reviews and provides feedback to the proposed ISP.

ISP-seminar must be completed within three months of admission, before the study plan is establishedEach unit are responsible for the seminar that are being announced, fill in the form to get it published in the MedH Calendar.

All doctoral students have one principal supervisor and at least one co-supervisor. The responsibilities of each supervisor are described in the individual study plan (ISP). At ki.se you find all regulations for supervisors for doctoral students at Karolinska Institutet.

Application for Green Light

The application for Green Light is processed once a month. Application for Green Light form 

Please note

  • The application must be submitted to the education administrator one week before the meeting
  • Certificate of completed mandatory doctoral supervisor training must be attached
  • On the form, note in the comments whether it concerns a clinical (employed by another employer) or employed doctoral student
  • Unit manager at KI will sign the Green Light

Approved Green Light – information will be provided by Ulrika Markne.

Submit to:

Ulrika Markne (Educational Administrator)

Approved by:

Petter Höglund (Head of Department)

Mattias Svensson (Director of Doctoral Studies)

Dates of meetings Green Light 2021

September 2nd
October 7th
November 4th
December 2nd

Establishment of doctoral position

To do:

Once the Green Light is approved, the form "Establishment of doctoral position" can be submitted. Meetings are held once a month. 

Please note:

  • The application must be submitted to the Education Administrator two weeks prior to the meeting

  • If it concerns a clinical PhD student (employed by the region) the Head of Unit needs to sign the form. (For an industrial PhD student, an agreement KI/external part is mandatory before admission)

Approved establishment - information will be provided by Ulrika Markne.

Approved by:

Petter Höglund (Head of Department)

Klas Karlsson (Head of Administration)

Mattias Svensson (Director of Doctoral Studies)

Upcoming meetings Establishment of doctoral position 2021

September 30th
October 21st
November 25th
December 16th


Once the establishment of doctoral position has been approved, recruitment of a candidate can begin. The recruitment process includes advertising, eligibility assessment and residence permit if necessary.

Note: In case of exceptions to the announcement (not advertising) contact the educational administrator


Anna Heinerö and Ellen Carlsson


The Recruiting Manager emails the HR Partner who is responsible for the recruitment advertisement.

The email should contain the following info:

  • Attached with the approved 'Establishment of doctoral position'
  • Position
  • Temporary employment (4 years according to the Higher education ordinance)
  • When to advertise and how long it will be published (minimum three weeks)
  • Suggestion/text of an advertisement
    (HR Partner can send some sample of ads if desire)
    -The project is clearly described in the ad
    - Desirable personal characteristics are described in the advertisement


Anna Heinerö and Ellen Carlsson

Eligibility Assessment

When HR Partner publishes the advertisement, UF begins their eligibility assessment of all candidates.

  • The recruiting manager(s) are given authorizations to Varbi as well as login details.
  • The recruiting manager is allowed to contact current candidates that are marked as green/competent (behörig) in Varbi.
  • 3 days before the advertisement period has expired, an email will generate about the remaining recruitment time. The recruitment manager(s) is then responsible to email HR Partner if they want the ad to be extended. Note, this can not be done after the advertisement period has expired.

UF will notify the recruitment manager and HR Partner when all candidates have been audited. Now the selected candidates that are eligible for doctoral education marked as green/competent (behörig) in Varbi. The candidates the recruiting manager is interested to meet can be contacted and booked for interviews. Important: The candidate is not yet admitted to doctoral education and can therefore not be promised an employment/ position to the doctoral education.


Universitetsförvaltningen (UF)

Eligibility Assessment

When the recruiting manager has selected a candidate, he/she must email the name of the advertisement and the name of the candidate to UF (doctoraleligibility@ki.se) and CC HR Partner. UF returns with an authorized eligibility assessment of the selected candidate.


Anna Heinerö and Ellen Carlsson

Residence permit/ coordination number

If the candidate does not have a Swedish citizenship the recruiting manager needs to contact HR Partner. If the candidate does not have citizenship in an EU/ESS country, HR Partner together with the candidate and the recruiting manager needs to submit an application for a residence permit to the Swedish Migration Authority. The candidate is not allowed to start until the residence permit is approved. IMPORTANT! The processing time at the Swedish Migration authority can take 3-6 months and must be approved before the candidate is allowed to start.

If the candidate has citizenship in an EU/ESS country, HR Partner will submit an application for a coordination number to the Swedish tax agency.

Admission to doctoral education

When the recruitment process is complete, the supervisor (recruitment manager) can apply to accept the candidate to doctoral education. The form Decision of admission to doctoral education is submitted by the supervisor. If a clinical doctoral student applies, a certificate is needed from the head of clinic to confirm that time and resources will be available for the Doctoral education.

Decisions are made on an ongoing basis.

Submit to:

Ulrika Markne

Admission decision – Information is sent back from Ulrika Markne to the supervisor and the doctoral student.

Approved by:

Petter Höglund
Mattias Svensson

Employment contract

The employment contract is written one year at a time. The salary level is set and regulated in a local collective agreement.


Anna Heinerö  and Ellen Carlsson