Women's health study

This is a Nordic collaboration between Karolinska Institutet, the Norwegian Cancer Registry and the Danish Cancer Registry, aiming at evaluating the impact of HPV vaccine in the population.

 Women between ages 18 to 45 years are randomly selected and invited to participate in the study during 2012. The participants were asked to fill in a questionnaire with questions on health and lifestyle factors that can be related to HPV infection and cervical cancer. In total 45 000 women in Sweden, Norway and Denmark were included. Currently we are working on the data analyses for the following:

1. The burden of genital warts in the Nordic countries
2. Sexual habits in the Nordic countries
3. Determinant of the day-after pill in the Nordic countries
4. Awareness of HPV in the Nordic countries
5. Contraceptive use during first intercourse
6. Correlates of not being HPV-vaccinated
7. Perception of own risk of acquiring STIs

Data analysis is ongoing (2014-2015).


Human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination and subsequent sexual behaviour: evidence from a large survey of Nordic women.
Hansen B, Kjær S, Arnheim-Dahlström L, Liaw K, Jensen K, Thomsen L, et al
Vaccine 2014 Sep;32(39):4945-53

Project leader