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At our department postdocs, associate professors, lecturers and professors conduct research within a variety of fields, including cancer epidemiology, psychiatric epidemiology, ageing, genetics, biostatistics and molecular epidemiology. To find out more about them and their research follow the links below to their personal profile pages.

Name Title Field of interest
Adami, Hans-Olov Professor emeritus Cancer
Almqvist Malmros, Catarina Professor Children's health
Alsheh-Ali, Maya Post doc Medical image processing
Andersson, Therese Postdoc Biostatistics
Arnheim Dahlström, Lisen Associated Cervical cancer, vaccinations
Bellocco, Rino University lecturer Biostatistics
Bergen, Sarah Senior researcher Genetics, psychiatry
Bexelius, Tomas Postdoc Pediatrics
Bonnert, Marianne Postdoc  
Brand, Judith Associated Breast cancer
Bryois, Julien Postdoc Psychiatric genetics
Bulik, Cynthia Professor Eating disorders
Butwicka, Agnieszka Postdoc Children's health, psychiatry
Bälter, Katarina University lecturer Nutrition, infections, prostate cancer
Carrero-Roig, Juan-Jesus Senior researcher Renal medicine
Chang, Zheng Postdoc Psychiatry, pharmacoepidemiology
Clements, Mark University lecturer Biostatistics
Czene, Kamila Professor, acting head of department Breast cancer
Dahl, Anna Senior researcher Ageing
Dickman, Paul Professor Biostatistics, cancer
D'Onofrio, Brian Guest professor Psychiatric Epidemiology, Clinical Science, Developmental Psychopathology, Pharmaco-epidemiology
Edgren, Gustaf Researcher Transfusion medicine, cancer
Eklund, Martin Assistant professor Breast och prostate cancer, genetics
Fang, Fang Senior researcher Neurodegenerative diseases, psychological stress
Foebel, Andrea Associated Ageing
Frans, Emma Postdoc Psychiatric epidemiology
Gabrielson, Marike Postdoc Breast cancer
Giesecke, Johan Senior Professor Infections, disease control
Ginsberg, Ylva Associated Psychiatry
Grönberg, Henrik Professor Prostate cancer
Hall, Per Professor Breast cancer
Halldner Henriksson, Linda Associated Psychiatry
Haasdyk Brew, Bronwyn Postdoc Epidemiology, pediatrics
He, Wei Postdoc Breast cancer
Hedman, Anna Postdoc Psychiatry, pediatrics
Holowko, Natalie Postdoc Breast cancer
Hultman, Christina Professor emerita Psychiatry, genetics
Humphreys, Keith University lecturer Biostatistics, genetics, cancer
Hägg, Sara Assistant professor Ageing, genetics
Johansson, Anna Statistician Breast cancer, cancer, biostatistics, survival analysis, reproductive epidemiology
Jylhävä, Juulia Postdoc Aging, DNA methylation
Kähler, Anna Project manager Psychiatry
Lambe, Mats Professor Breast cancer
Landén, Mikael Professor Psychiatry
Larsson, Henrik Guest professor Psychiatry
Lehto, Kelli Postdoc Psychiatry, genetics, stress, aging
Le Ray, Isabelle Associated Biostatistics
Li, Jingmei Associated Breast cancer, genetics
Lichtenstein, Paul Professor Psychiatry, children's health, genetics
Lindberg, Johan Assistant professor Genetics, prostate cancer
Litton, Jan-Eric Senior professor Biobank research
Lu, Yi Post doc Psychiatry, genetics
Ludvigsson, Jonas F. Professor Gastroenterology, children's health
Långström, Niklas Associated Psychiatry
Magnusson, Patrik Researcher Genetics
Mahjani, Behrang Associated Statistical computing, genetics
Martin, Joanna Postdoc Neurodevelopmental genetics
Mayrhofer, Markus Associated Bioinformatics
Mer, Arvind Associated Biostatistics
Molero Samuelsson, Yasmina Associated Psychiatry
Möller, Riitta University lecturer Education
Nyman, Anastasia Associated Reproductive epidemiology
Nyrén, Olof Professor emeritus Cancer, gastroenterology, infections, transfusion medicine
Palmgren, Juni Professor Biostatistics
Pawitan, Yudi Professor Biostatistics, cancer, Genetics
Pedersen, Nancy Professor Aging, Genetics, neurodegenerative diseases, psychiatry, biobank research
Pettersson, Erik Assistant professor Psychiatry
Ploner, Alex Senior researcher Biostatistics
Plymoth, Amelie Lecturer Education, infections, cancer
Rantalainen, Mattias Assistant professor Biostatistics, molecular epidemiology, system biology
Reilly, Marie Professor Biostatistics, cancer, infections, reproduction, transfusion medicine
Rosenqvist (former Rydell), Mina Postdoc Psychiatry
Salehi, Alireza Postdoc Metabolomics
Shen, Xia Postdoc Biostatistics
Sjölander, Arvid Assistant professor Biostatistics
Song, Huan Associated Cancer, gastroenterology, molecular epidemiology
Sparén, Pär Professor Cancer, infections, women's health
Spjuth, Ola Associated Bioinformatics
Sullivan, Patrick Professor Psychiatric genetics
Taylor, Mark Postdoc Psychiatric genetics
Valdimardóttir, Unnur Guest professor Psychiatric epidemiology
Vu, Nghia Postdoc Bioinformatics, cancer genomics
Wallberg, Annika University lecturer Education, cancer
Weiderpass Vainio, Elisabete Professor Cancer, women's health, infections
Wiklund, Fredrik University lecturer Prostate cancer, genetics
Williams, Dylan Postdoc Life course epidemiology, aging, age-related chronic diseases, causal inference, Parkinson’s disease
Wirdefeldt, Karin Associated Parkinson's disease, neurological diseases
Ye, Weimin Professor Cancer, gastroenterology, molecular epidemiology, neurodegenerative diseases
Zagai, Ulrika Project coordinator Cancer, gastroenterology, molecular epidemiology
Zavala, Catalina Associated  
Zheng, Zongli Associated Cancer, gastroenterology, molecular epidemiology
Öberg, Sara Associate professor Reproductive epidemiology

Foreign adjunct professors

The title "Foreign Adjunct Professor" was introduced in 1992 by the Faculty of Medicine at Karolinska Institutet. Since 1999 Foreign Adjunct Professors are appointed by the Board of Research at KI after proposals from the Recruitment Committee. The purpose is to strengthen the international collaboration with foreign research colleagues of good repute.
The connection to KI should consist of a long-term international co-operation/scientific exchange. The required qualifications are the same as those for adjunct professors. The period of appointment lasts for six years with a possibility of renewal of terms. The appointment does not include any financial commitment for KI. Foreign researchers who have been appointed MDhc or ODhc at KI are automatically awarded the title Foreign Adjunct Professor.

Name Institution Time period
Mirjam Sprangers Academical Medical Centre, Department of Medical Psychology, Amsterdam, Holland 2012-2018


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