Infectious diseases and cancer in Uganda

This project focused on cancer epidemiology in Kampala, Uganda.

Project description

Specific aims:

  • To train 5 persons to become independent cancer researchers: focusing on cancer epidemiology in Kampala, Uganda, This is a very poor country in East Africa, with no trained researchers in the field of cancer.
  • To study the genital HPV infection among female adolescents and young women in Uganda (research Project 1)
  • To study the association between conjunctival cancer and various types of human papilloma virus and HIV infection (Research Project 2).
  • To investigate the association between HIV infection and cervical carcinoma, and to study whether immune-suppression caused by HIV infection affects the spectrum of infections with HPV (Research Project 3).
  • To study the etiology, risk factors, clinical features and prognosis of childhood Non-Hodgkins Lymphomas (NHL) in Uganda (Research Project 4).
  • Early cervical lesions detected by visual inspection: Viral factors, management and follow up (Research Project 5).


  • Cecily Banura, Makerere University, co-PI of the project on HIV, HPV, and other SDTs in teenagers and young pregnant women.
  • Charles Ateenyi Agaba, Makerere University, co-PI of the project project on HIV, HPV and other risk factors for conjuctival cancer
  • Michael Odida, Makerere University, co-PI of the project on HIV, HPV, Malarian and invasive cervical cancer
  • Jackson Orem, Makerere University, co-PI of the project on pediatric Burkitts Lymphoma
  • Twaha Mutyaba, Makerere University, co-PI of the project on cervical cancer screening
  • Leen Jan van Doorn and Wim Quint, DDL Laboratories, Vooburg, The Netherlands, Responsible for the laboratory analysis of all samples in the collaboration for HPV (genotyping), Clamydia (serology and genotyping), and gonorrhoea (serology).
  • Silvia Franceschi, International Agency for Research on Cancer, Lyon, France, as collaborator in the studies by Cecily Banura and Ateenyi Agaba.
  • Silvia de Sanjose, Barcelona University, collaborator in the studies by Dr. Michael Odida and Jackson Orem.
  • Professor Bo Lambert, Karolinska Institutet, collaborator in all studies above.

Main financing: SIDA/SAREC, International Agency for Research on Cancer

Research group

Sven Sandin, statistician

Pouran Almstedt, database manager


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Thesis in this project:

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