Gender differences in cancer survival: stage at diagnosis, treatment and comorbidity

Detailed analyzes of gender differences in cancer survival may increase the knowledge of the importance of both host-bound and external underlying factors. Overall, it is relevant both from a gender and public health perspective to understand and seek to identify strategies for action of gender-related gradients in prognosis where the differences in stage at diagnosis, treatment and comorbidity represent some hitherto poorly investigated factors.

Project description

Data is obtained from the Swedish National Cancer Registry and Quality Registers of selected cancers and is linked to information in the Cause of Death Register, the social LISA database, the National Inpatient Register and the Register of the Total Population. We will use mortality (relative survival) as a measure of survival and flexible parametric models to estimate the relative difference in mortality between men and women with respect to variables that may disturb the estimated relationships.

Project leader

Mats Lambe

Telefon:08-524 861 64

Project period: 2014-2016
Main financing: FORTE