Degree projects at MEB

At our department we supervise students during their undergraduate degree project course at KI.

There are many ways for students to identify a potential supervisor who they may work with during the undergraduate degree project course. You may have seen a project you like in the database over potential projects or you may have been inspired by a teacher. You can then contact him or her directly, or get in touch with us. If you are interested in epidemiological or biostatistical research in general but don't know which researcher to contact, write to us and describe yourself a little and we might be able to help find a suitable project.

An ideal method to get insight into epidemiological or biostatistical research is to carry out an undergraduate degree project within the department or undertake an internship; both are arranged by contacting researchers directly. Further, MEB sometimes organises a summer research school, which can be a stepping stone to doctoral studies.


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