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Determining country specific vaccine decision-making frameworks

How do vaccine authorities decide whether a vaccine should be included into a programme or not? How much influence do funding bodies have on this process? How are decisions communicated to health care providers? Are they provided with enough education/support to convey the importance of vaccination programmes to the public?

This ongoing qualitative project aims to determine optimal vaccine decision-making processes and communication for prevention of infectious diseases in the Nordic countries.
Two comprehensive web-based questionnaires have been developed regarding national vaccination programmes and recommendations. The first questionnaire has been sent to public health authorities and key experts in the field in the Nordic countries and aims to gather detailed information on how decision-making, implementation, funding and communication are carried out. The second questionnaire has been sent to healthcare providers who administer vaccinations with the aim of investigating how the decision-making process is communicated to and upheld by healthcare providers who are responsible for the public vaccination programs.

Project leader

Lisen Arnheim Dahlström