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Department Council

According to a decision at Karolinska Institutet each department should have a department council, which should handle issues of principle importance for the department. Its task is to give advice, to be a forum for dialogue and to assist the head of department to anchor decisions. The members are appointed by the different working groups.

Members of the department council

Ann Almqvist

Union OFR/ST, safety repr., equal opportunities repr.

Therese Andersson

Junior faculty

Paul Dickman

Biostatistics group

Keith Humphreys

Substitute Biostatistics group

Agneta Häggström

Administrative head

Marie Jansson

Substitute for GS and AA

Kristina Johnell

Head of department

Juulia Jylhävä

Substitute Junior faculty

Sanela Kjellqvist

KI Biobank

Tyra Lagerberg

Doctoral group

Paul Lichtenstein

Post-graduate education

Isabel Lindbom

Substitute data collecting group

Camilla Palm

IT group

Gunilla Sonnebring

Administration group

Martina Stolt

Substitute IT group

Marco Trevisan

Substitute doctoral group

Martina Wennberg

Data collecting group

Riitta Möller

Undergraduate education

Ulrika Zagai

Union repr. SACO