Completed projects at MEB

Here you find a brief description of some research projects that have been completed at this department.

If you want to know more about our research, feel free to contact our researchers. If you want to know more about ongoing projects, go to the page about our current research.

Cancer epidemiology

Henrik Grönberg

Professor/senior physician

Lifestyle and genetic factors in the progression of prostate cancer: This study investigated if common genetic variants are important for prostate cancer progression.

Studies of families with hereditary prostate cancer: A study to identify chromosomal regions of prostate cancer genes.

Per Hall

Professor/senior physician

BREAD: Cognitive Outcomes in Older Adult Cancer Patients: A study on somatic disorders in cancer survivors.

The COGS project: The Collaborative Oncological Gene-environment Study: A European collaboration on breast, ovarian and prostate cancer.

GINSENG: Genetic determinants of postmenopausal breast cancer: A study on risk and prognosis of breast cancer.

PESTO: Radiation dose response for second primary cancers of the stomach, esophagus, and pancreas.: A study of second primary cancer in cancer survivors.

RACE: Radiotherapy for Breast Cancer and Subsequent Risk of Cardio-Vascular Events: A study on late adverse health effects in cancer survivors.

SAMBAL: Molecular epidemiology of secondary lung cancer: A study of the risk of lung cancer in women with breast cancer.

SOUL: Southern Urals Radiation Risk Research: A study on the risk of cancer in individuals exposed to ionizing radiation.

Mats Lambe


Adherence to anti-hormonal therapy in cancer patients: A study assessing inequalities in cancer survival .

Socioeconomic factors and management and survival of cancer patients: A study on prostate, lung and colorectal cancer.

Infectious diseases and cancer in Uganda: Studies focusing on cancer epidemiology in Kampala, Uganda.

Pregnancy estrogens, diet and possible breast cancer risk: A study of breast cancer, estrogen levels and diet.

Prognosis for ovarian cancer: A study of the effect of hormone-related factors for ovarian cancer on tumour characteristics.


Scandinavian CANcer-in-Inflammatory Bowel Disease study (SCAN-IBD): A study examining the risk of cancer and mortality in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).


Twin research

Nancy Pedersen

Professor, senior

Chronic fatigue: A twin study of a number of basic questions about chronic fatigue syndrome.

GENDER: A Twin study on sex differences in health and aging.

OCTO-Twin: A study on individual differences among the oldest-old.