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Cancer of the Prostate in Sweden (CAPS)

The CAPS study has provided data for several new studies on markers on prostate cancer progression.

Principal investigator


Henrik Grönberg

Project description

We have completed the recruitment of this population-based prostate cancer case-control study, one of the largest prostate cancer case-control study populations available so far. This study population was recruited in two phases. The inclusion and exclusion criteria were the same for the first (CAPS1) and second phase (CAPS2), except for the timeframe. In total, 3,030 cases and 1,960 controls participated in CAPS donating blood samples and answering a questionnaire during 2001-2003. In addition we have detailed clinical information on all 3,000 cases. With data generated from CAPS we have 25 published papers and 10 manuscripts since 2004. During 2006 we completed a record linkage to the Cause of Death Registry to determine the cause of death for all participants. We could conclude that 347 of the cases in CAPS had died of prostate cancer.