Breast and prostate cancer

The aim of this project was to study aspects of co-morbidity; patterns of use of prescribed drugs; and long term survival in patients with advanced disease at diagnosis.

Aspects concerning co-morbidity; patterns of drug use, long-term survival

Project description

Background: Reasons for non-adherence to management guidelines for breast- and prostate cancer are not always clear, but may be attributed to concomitant disease. Also, co morbidity burden may represent one explanation for social gradients in survival. - Little is known about patterns of drug use in cancer patients. - Long term survival in cancer patients with advanced disease raise questions about diagnostic accuracy and whether these patients have special characteristics.

Material: Clinical Quality Registers on Prostate and Breast Cancer, the Register of Prescribed Pharmaceuticals and other databases.

Project leader

Mats Lambe

Telefon:08-524 861 64

Project period: 2009-2014
Main financing: The Swedish Cancer Society, the Swedish Council for Working Life and Social Research.


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