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Adherence to anti-hormonal therapy in cancer patients

The aim of this study is to asses adherence and examine if observed inequalities in cancer survival can be explained by social differences in adherence to anti-hormonal therapy.

Project description

Background: Adherence to prescribed medical treatments is often suboptimal in patients with asthma or hypertension. Results from observational studies indicate that long term adherence to adjuvant anti-hormonal therapies is low also in breast and prostate cancer patients. These issues have seldom been addressed in large population-based materials.

Material: Quality Registers on Breast Cancer in Central Sweden (Stockholm area and Uppsala/Örebro), the National Prostate Cancer Register, the Register of Prescribed Pharmaceuticals and other databases.

Project leader


Mats Lambe

Telefon: 08-524 861 64
Enhet: C8.MEB.Lambe
Project period: 2008-2010
Main financing: The Swedish Council for Working Life and Social Research/Regional Research Council of Central Sweden


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