The VirusTech Core Facility

Viral vectors are a key technology for researchers, since it allows the delivery in an efficient and reproducible manner of genes into cells in order to label specific cohorts, control neural activity, as well as gain/loss-of –function experiments to test the role of different genes in cellular processes. The production of viruses requires special expertise and installations, as well as work permits specifically designed for each lab and virus.

The core facility specializes in the production and concentration of Lentiviral (LV), Gamma-retroviruses and Adeno Associated Viruses (AAVs), but it aims to develop and optimize the production of other types of viruses such as Adenovirus (AV), rabies virus, retrograde AAV and Herpes simplex viruses (HSV).

Its primary purpose is to produce and distribute quality viral vectors to our fellow researchers within Karolinska Institutet and investigators world-wide. The VirusTech facility is a non-profit facility hosted and sponsored by StratNeuro, that produces viral vectors on a fee-for-service basis, in accordance with KI policies for core facilities. Its primary goal is to serve the investigators at KI, but services are also available to other academic centers within Sweden and world-wide.