Rates for Services BIC

BIC welcomes users from both academia and industry. Please find information about rates for all BIC services below.

Academic User Fees

    Introductory Course to a Microscope

    • 2200 SEK/session (includes registration and login to the iLab booking system)

    Cross-Over Training

    Learn more about a new microscopes within same category:

    • 550 SEK/session


    • 220 SEK/h

    Confocal Microscopes

    Zeiss confocal systems:

    • 1-6 h: 220 SEK/h
    • After 6 hours : 55 SEK/h

    Leica SP5 and Olympus FV1000:

    • 110 SEK/h

    Widefield Microscopes

    • 110 SEK/h
    • After 6hours: 28 SEK/hr

    Specialized Microscopy Systems


    Light sheet microscope (LaVision):

    • 220 SEK/h
    • For long acquisition (after 6 hours), the price is discounted to 10% of the regular price (22 SEK/h).
    • For long term imaging: Cap price is 2200 SEK

    High Throughput Systems

    • 1-6 h: 220 SEK/h
    • After 6 hours : 55 SEK/h

    • Long term live imaging: Cap price is 2200 SEK

    Image Processing and Analysis

    Analysis Workstations:

    • No Fee


    • No Fee

    Industrial User Fees

    The services at the BIC facility are also available for industrial users. The rates are 200% of the above mentioned fees.