Final Report

AI@KI is a strategic project initiated by the President of KI with the goal to collect and describe all activities at KI related to artificial intelligence (AI).
This is the final report of the project.

AI@KI: Final Report


The appendix consists of two parts, the first of which is included in the Final Report.

First part

  • The Falafel Seminar Series
  • Applied AI examples
  • Project Deliverables

The second part of the appendix is available here on the web only, see below.

Second part

  • Scientometric search terms
  • Magnus Boman, Erik Arner, Carsten Daub and Kazuhiro Sakurada
    Biomedical Data for Artificial Intelligence
    Report from the 6th RIKEN/KI SciLifeLab Symposium, 2021
  • Sophie Monsén Lerenius:
    From pilot to clinical practice - Barriers and facilitators in the implementation of artificial intelligence in health care: A multiple case study of Swedish AI projects
    Master thesis in health informatics, KI/LIME, 2021


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Magnus Boman

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