Practical Placement 2

Bioentrepreneurship is a field of study which combines social sciences, biomedicine, natural sciences and technology with innovation processes.

These students are able to plan and carry out, analyze and present a project that requires advanced knowledge and skills within a relevant field – for examples:

  • Marketing & sales
  • Business opportunities
  • Organization & management
  • Innovation & entrepreneurship
  • Market analysis
  • Financing & venture capital
  • Surveys and benchmarking

Win-win situation

During the 2 years Master's Programme in Bioentrepreneurship the students have 3 periods of practical placement (PP) to gain knowledge. Practical Placement 2 takes place during the second year and lasts for 12 weeks, working individually, from end October to early January.

Example PP2 projects

  • The aim of the project is to provide a better scope for life science companies to understand the changes of the healthcare landscape and compare between different reforms in a developing and a developed country
  • To analyze the challenges associated with implementing eHealth solutions into companies
  • To evaluate Sweden's performance in Horizon 2020 with special focus on life science SMEs

Times for companies

Time to get in contact for discussions about project proposals: April to September

Practical placement period: October to January


From students

"The project was challenging, fast-paced and collaborative. Throughout the practical placement, I received incredible amount of support from BMS and my supervisor, which provided a fruitful learning experience. Overall, the internship was a dynamic way to learn about the pharmaceutical industry and its complexities with a hands-on approach."

"Being part of a bigger MedTech company for three months was an extremely valuable experience for me personally, but it was also clearly valuable for the company by coming in with fresh eyes and new knowledge. I would definitely do it again if I had the chance."

"The experience I had during my placement is one I am very grateful for, I was at AbbVie using design thinking to optimize internal processes. It was a challenging project, and there were times I felt lost, but thanks to the UBE I was able to push through and finish it successfully. I definitely recommend the design thinking placement if you are interested!"

From companies

"The mutual benefit for a students with an industry mindset, an education provider like KI Bioentrepreneurship, and an entrepreneurial venture like Qinematic is invaluable. This immersive experience has the potential for accelerating academic insight, personal development and innovation of products, services and business models". Glenn Bilby, Founder & CEO, Qinematic AB

"The value that the students brings into the company cannot be bought from consultants or gained through internal promotions or initiatives - their genuine curiosity and pioneering spirit helps us to think differently and be humble to the outside world." Björn Arvidsson, Roche

"It is extremely valuable for us to have students with us for a shorter or longer period. They bring an outside perspective that can be very important. There is always a risk that we become blind to flaws, that is where the students help to broaden the perspectives again". Bengt Mattsson, Pfizer


The Master's Programme in Bioentrepreneurship is tailored for students with a background in biomedicine, pharmaceutics, biotechnology, healthcare or medicine with courses addressing the central themes of how to manage and develop life science companies. Usually, scientists are brilliant at science but they don’t really know business and business people brilliant at business but they don’t really understand the science part. These students are aimed to fill that gap.



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