Practical Placement 1

The Master's Programme in Bioentrepreneurship is tailored for students with a background in biomedicine, pharmaceutics, biotechnology, healthcare or medicine with courses addressing the central themes of how to manage and develop life science companies. Usually, scientists are brilliant at science but they don’t really know business and business people brilliant at business but they don’t really understand the science part.

These students are able to plan and carry out, analyze and present a project that requires advanced knowledge and skills within a relevant field, for examples:

  • Marketing & sales
  • Business opportunities
  • Organization & management
  • Innovation & entrepreneurship
  • Market analysis
  • Financing & venture capital
  • Surveys and benchmarking

Win-win situation

During the 2 years Master's Programme in Bioentrepreneurship the students have 3 periods of practical placement (PP) to gain knowledge. Practical Placement 1 takes place during the first year and lasts for 5 weeks, students working in a team of two, from end April to early June.

Example PP1 projects

  • The aim of this project is to provide an overview of the current market access situation for hospital products and medical devices in Denmark and Finland, and based on that identify key stakeholders
  • The aim of this project was to develop an evidence based pricing strategy for pharmacies, in order to develop a revenue model which would fit in this specific market and give a suggestion on a price point to launch the product
  • The aims of this this project was to get a deep understanding of the current product’s sales, for instance, who buys it and what value it provides to the customer

Times for companies

Time to get in contact for discussions about project proposals: January to March

Practical placement period: April to early June

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