Health Innovation and Entrepreneurship

School of Health Innovation

The aim of this course is to equip the healthcare and life science researchers with tools and knowledge to innovate services for patients, create new companies with their research ideas, or bring their research ideas and talent into existing companies. 

The complete offer encompasses two courses.

Course 1 - Health Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Learn how to commercialise research or ideas into business ventures and how to innovate services in a clinical setting. The course takes place at the three cooperating locations.

Full description below.

Course 2 - Entrepreneurship in Healthcare

An opportunity to focus and gain experience from practical work, combining real cases from healthcare companies and mentorship with the aim of further developing your research idea into commercialisation or a new service for patients in a clinical setting.

Full description below.

Course 1 - Health Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Learn how to turn research results and ideas into business ventures and how to create innovative services in a clinical setting. 

The course will equip medical, healthcare and life science researchers with tools and knowledge to innovate services for patients, create companies based on their research ideas, or bring their research ideas into existing companies.

You will meet with and learn from leaders in academia, hospitals and healthcare companies.

A core part of the course is case-based work where the cases are developed in collaboration between the universities and companies. In addition, the participants will identify and develop potentially commercializable ideas from their own research environment. The teaching language throughout the course is English.  


"Health innovation and entrepreneurship" is open for PhD candidates and postdoctors from medical faculties at UiO, NTNU, KI, UiB, UiT, clinicians working at hospitals and other collaborating institutions. The course is open for applications from qualified applicants from medicine, psychology, odontology, technology and natural sciences. 

The number of students is limited to 50 (12 from KI) and admission is selective.

Include a letter describing your motivation for applying for this course. 

Course fee: There is no course fee and Karolinska Institutet covers your travel expenses.  All required literature and resources will be provided at the beginning of the course. The School of Health Innovation will cover accomodation expenses.


The course is a Norwegian/Swedish enterprise developed in partnership between:

  • The University of Oslo (UiO)
  • Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) 
  • Karolinska Institutet (KI) in Stockholm
  • The healthcare business clusters Nansen Neuroscience Network

 It is developed in collaboration with:

  • The University of Bergen (UiB)
  • The University of Tromsø (UiT)
  • Oslo Cancer Cluster and Norway healthtech
  • UiO:Life Science
  • The Research Council of Norway
  • South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority

The course is open to applicants from all collaborating universities and institutions.  

Course Syllabus

Date and venue for modules

Oslo: 7-9 february 2018. The venue in Oslo is Thon Hotel Opera.

Trondheim: 21-23 march 2018. The venue will be announced later. 

Stockholm: 18-20 april 2018. The venue will be announced later.  


Application deadline:  31 December 2017

Applicants for the programme will be notified by email approximately two weeks after the application deadline.

Do you have any questions?

Project manager

Samer Yammine

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 852 01
Organizational unit: Unit for bioentrepreneurship (UBE)


Course 2 - Entrepreneurship in Healthcare

Learn how to develop a research idea into a new company and how to develop a business plan. Your teachers and mentors are either experienced life science entrepreneurs or business development executives. 

As a student at "Entrepreneurship in healthcare" you will experience Scandinavia's most advanced support systems for healthcare entrepreneurs.

The overall aim of this course is that you as a researcher or clinician will learn from experienced life science entrepreneurs or business development executives how to develop a research idea into business and to develop a business plan.

"Entrepreneurship in healthcare" is a part of The School of Health Innovation (HIS). HIS is a collaborative initiative from University of Oslo, NTNU, and Karolinska Institutet. The school is developed in collaboration with Nansen Neuroscience Network and Copenhagen Business School. It is supported by Norwegian Research Council.

Three tracks

There are three different tracks offered: Please indicate your interest in your application for which track you are most interested in.  

The tracks are: 

1)  Mentorship in companies - Bring your own idea for innovation

You will get the chance to combine the best academic life science competence at Copenhagen Business School, Karolinska Institutet, NTNU and University of Oslo with practical support from your own mentor in a biotech, medtech or pharma company. The program will enable you to develop your own research idea into a new company, or attract partnership from an existing life science company for commercialising your idea.

2)  Mentorship in companies - Learn from experts in commercialising health care research 

If you don’t have your idea for innovation ready, you will learn from mentors in VC companies, biotech, medtech or pharma how they evaluate innovations and companies for potential investments. This knowledge will set you apart from you peers in the basic or translational research labs or your fellow clinicians.

3)  Bio-entrepreneurship - Copenhagen Business School (CBS) 

The offer from CBS has two components: 

  • Hands‐on experience of bio‐entrepreneurship obtained from following part of the Bio‐Entrepreneurship project course at CBS. Please note: The participants should have availability to follow the program onsite in Copenhagen on 6-8 Wednesdays or more during September, October, November 2017.  
  • Tailor‐made guidance and mentoring offered specifically to School of Health Innovation participants. 

Mentor companies

  • Serendipity partners, VC Fund - Oslo
  • AstraZeneca - Sweden 
  • Otivio Norway (Medtech)
  • Pre-Diagnostics (Diagnostics company – Alzheimers) - Oslo
  • Nordic Nanovector - Oslo
  • Network of companies/mentors that work with Copenhagen Business School 
  • Aleap health incubator - Oslo


Prerequisite for entry:

  • Successful participation in School of Health Innovation course 1 or acceptance by admittance committee.
  • PhD-program in life science, PhD graduate life science, post-doc program in life science or clinician.

Time and place

We will update with information about time and place later.

Applicants should calculate using between six and eight days in total on course 2, including the gatherings in Oslo and Stockholm (the "kick off" and "wrap up").

Submission for Course 2

To be announced later.

Do you have any questions? 

Project manager

Samer Yammine

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 852 01
Organizational unit: Unit for bioentrepreneurship (UBE)

Other courses in entrepreneurship and innovation
If you do not want to leave Stockholm, a variety of courses in entrepreneurship and innovation are offered by the Unit for bioentrepreneurship at KI. This spring three new, only one week long, courses in entrepreneurship will be offered. "Exploring entrepreneurial opportunities in research" begins with the discovery and identification of intellectual assets in the daily work. Then introduce relevant business tools in order to develop a business idea related to one's own research. Finally, package an already developed business idea for introduction into the start-up world. 
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