Education at the Behavioral Informatics team

The Behavioral Informatics team at HIC, LIME, strives to find ways in which behavioral data can be used to optimize health interventions.

We are involved in teaching psychometrics, measurement construction, and multilevel modelling. We are also open for individual consultations regarding issues related to behavioral measurement, including for example survey and questionnaire construction, validation of measurement instruments, and modelling of multilevel behavioral data.  

Interested in our courses or individual consultations? Please contact Aleksandra Sjöström-Bujacz for more information. 


Construction and validation of measurement 

The course covers those aspects of classical test theory and modern latent variables theory that are necessary for doctoral students to successfully use a measurement instrument in their research projects. All lectures, discussions and workshops during the course will be available for online participation. Interested doctoral students and postdocs are warmly welcomed to the course.

Practical Introduction to Multilevel Data Analysis: From Data Collection to Results Interpretation 

The purpose of this course is to give doctoral students a possibility to acquire practical understanding and hands-on statistical skills required to use multilevel analysis in their research projects. The course also aims at inspiring the students to apply novel data collection designs in their research (e.g., hierarchical and cross-classified data, clustered randomized trials, collecting data with diary and experience sampling designs, using data from tracking and mobile devices).  

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