Division of Innovative Care Research

Innovative Care focus on conducting high quality, health care science-relevant research through multi-disciplinary collaboration.

A common focus has been on studying experiences of different aspects of cancer, HIV and other potentially life-threatening but often long-lasting conditions, along the sickness trajectory from risk through diagnosis and treatment, through palliative and end-of-life care.  In order to better support the implementation of research in practice we also conduct research on organization, knowledge and change management.

A theoretical and methodological common denominator is a focus on stakeholder experiences to generate new knowledge.

To reach our goals and to strengthen common research themes, we collaborate with well-renowned researchers nationally and internationally. We also connect research grounded in health care sciences with life sciences, social sciences and art/design and by linking research with education and practice we improve its translation into practice.

Research group Eriksson

Research group leader, Division Lead

Lars E Eriksson

Lecturer senior



DöBra is a research program that includes a number of different projects. Through a preventive public health perspective, they all aim at strengthening individuals, families and staff to better handle issues related to the end of life.

Researchers: Olav Lindqvist (researcher), Carol Tishelman (professor), Ida Goliath (assistant professor), Malin Eneslätt (PhD student), Max Kleijberg (PhD student), Lena Kroik (PhD student), Therese Johansson (research assistant).

Read more about the research program and the various projects on the website www.dobra.se.

To facilitate diagnosis of lung cancer; combined perspectives from the perceived and the biological body

The Patient EXperience of their bodily changes for Lung Cancer investigation (PEX-LC) examines how subjective experiences can be linked to clinical, metabolic and molecular changes, to facilitate early detection of lung cancer.

Researchers: Lars E Eriksson (PI), Carol Tishelman (professor), Maria Pernemalm (assistant professor), Janne Lehtiö (professor), 
Adrian Levitsky (postdoc), Britt-Marie Bernhardson (project leader), Sara Runesdotter (statistician), Mohammad Tanvir Ahamed (PhD student).

SOL project

In the project we have investigated how people with cancer experience that their taste and smell senses are affected in different stages of their cancer disease. We have also related this to other problems, well-being and food intake.

Researchers: Britt-Marie Bernhardson (PI), Kerstin Belqaid (PhD), Carol Tishelman (professor), Ylva Orrevall (PhD) and Eva Månsson Brahme (PhD).


The Registered Nurse Forecasting in Europe project (RN4CAST) was a multinational project of 16 participating countries aiming at contributing to new innovative ways of assessing the needs for healthcare professionals.

Researchers: Carol Tishelman (professor), Rikard Lindqvist (project coordinator), Lisa Smeds Alenius (doctoral student), Sara Runesdotter (statistician)
Read more about the project.

Disease-related stigma and quality of life for people living with mrsa or HIV infection

The overall objective of the project is to map the life situation of people living with mrsa and HIV, and to investigate the relationships between disease-related stigma and health-related quality of life in these groups.

Researchers: Lars E Eriksson (PI), Lena Wettergren (lecturer), Veronica Svedhem (lecturer), Maria Reinius (PhD student), Gudrun Lindh (lecturer).

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Selected publications and reports

Developing and using a structured, conversation-based intervention for clarifying values and preferences for end-of-life in the advance care planning-naïve Swedish context: Action research within the DöBra research program.
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