Consequences of prehospital steering to optimal level of healthcare – costs, healthcare utilisation and health outcomes

The development of the future plan for health and medical care in Stockholm implies a patient-centered network of healthcare services. The possibility to steer patients to their optimal level of healthcare is an important means to success in this process. The routine in the ambulance services has traditionally been to transport the patient to the nearest emergency department, regardless of healthcare need.


Since a few years back, the work process in the ambulance services in Stockholm county have been reformed and decision support systems have been developed to enable prehospital steering to optimal level of healthcare.

Aim of the project

The aim of this project is to address the consequences of prehospital steering on healthcare costs, healthcare utilisation, and health outcomes. The intention is also to assess trends and effects of prehospital geriatric steering over time.

Results in brief

There are currently no results from this project.

Continued work

This is an ongoing project which is expected to finish in 2021.

Contact person

Sofi Varg

PhD Student
Sofi Varg