Artificial Intelligence at Karolinska Institutet

AI@KI is a strategic project initiated by the President of KI with the goal to collect and describe all activities at KI related to artificial intelligence (AI).

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The Falafel Series

- a seminar series on methods in AI for health

One means to AI knowledge exchange is The Falafel Series, a seminar series on methods in AI for health. The series will run late Friday afternoons as an After Work activity, approximately twice per month. For IRL attendants, falafel and juice will be provided, and seminars can also be attended via Zoom.

To get regular updates to The Falafel Series seminars, please email Magnus Boman (see falafel picture below). Updates will include abstracts and relevant reading material, if any. The purpose of the series is to inform people on what is ongoing or planned, and of who does what with AI. The bulk of each hour spent in seminar is interactive discussion, and there are no silly questions.

Dear falafel enthusiasts,

I opted for not planning for more (zoom) falafels this Autumn, but there will definitely be an announcement for a proper falafel before the end of the year, for me to share my findings with you in the project AI@KI. I have started writing my final report and I would love to tell you about my main takeaways.

Until then, I would like to point you to other falafel-related activities.

/Magnus Boman

More seminars and conferences on AI

The Department of Medical Epidemiology and Biostatistics at Karolinska Institutet invites all biomedical researchers/practitioners with a mathematics/statistics/computational-based degree to a network meeting on Thursday 25/11 at KI Solna Campus. We start at 16:00 with a 1-hour scientific program, where Tom Britton (Stockholm University) will be the keynote speaker. From 17:00 there will be a mingle and dinner in Aula Medica. More details and link to the registration form can be found in the following link. The event is funded by the Strategic Research Area in Epidemiology and Biostatistics and there is no cost to participants.


RISE has a long standing series of AI seminars called Learning Machines. This series has been virtual only for quite some time now and even if the topics can be quite technical, there are seminars that are relevant to health applications. Many earlier talks are also linked to from the home page:


At SciLifeLab, there is a seminar series called Applied AI in Life Science Research. Future seminars will show up here, where earlier seminars are also available:


Finally, AI Sweden is hosting an AI Transformation Day and launching an AI maturity assessment tool on Nov 25. This event will be in Swedish. More info and signup here:

AI Sweden also recently launched an interesting Handbook (again, in Swedish only at this point):


Genomic Medicine Sweden is planning for a digital lunch seminar series this autumn:

12 November 2021: Lunchseminarium: Precisionsdiagnostik inom klinisk mikrobiolog

26 November 2021: Lunchseminarium: Genomic Medicine Sweden – initiativ för brett införande

10 December 2021: Lunchseminarium: Stor potential när genomikdata kan implementeras i klinisk rutin

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SciLifeLab offers regular seminar series about AI. Check out the schedule.

AI Sweden offers network meetings, lectures, symposia etc. Register to their mailing list at: AI Sweden Partner Update

About the project AI @ KI

AI @ KI is a strategic project initiated by the President of KI with the goal to collect and describe all activities at KI related to artificial intelligence (AI). The assessment of which research at KI is AI-related and which AI methods are used, is made by the project leader Magnus Boman, a professor in Intelligent Software Services at KTH, who is affiliated with KI/LIME.

The project runs during 2020 and 2021 and will spread information about AI in many different forms to KI staff with the goal to exchange knowledge, increase internal and external collaboration, and strengthen KI’s research and education in the field.


Active participants in AI @ KI also include KI Vice President Anders Gustafsson, and LIME leads Carl Johan Sundberg and Sabine Koch.


Karolinska Institutet, through AI @ KI, is also a partner in AI Sweden, a national network to accelerate AI innovations and run applied AI projects. Through KI's membership in AI Sweden, all employees and students can take advantage of different events such as network meetings, lectures, symposia etc that are offered by AI Sweden. Easiest to do so is to sign up for the AI Sweden Partner Update.

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