Student/staff internal information: Research education at Labmed

At the Department of Laboratory Medicine (LabMed) there are about 100 doctoral or licentiate students and about 150 supervisors and co-supervisors. The purpose of this webpage is to provide information for doctoral students and supervisors about specific procedures for doctoral education at the department.

Other information about doctoral education at KI, such as course information, rules and regulations, is common throughout KI and should be accessed here:

LabMed procedures for admission of doctoral students

Admission of doctoral students follows procedures decided centrally at KI, but with minor modifications important for the process at LabMed. This local process for Labmed is found on the page: Admission to doctoral education at KI. Look in the right-hand menu and click on "For those working in the Laboratoriemedicin".


KI uses an online system for administration of doctoral/ licentiate studies (Ladok). Among other things students register for their doctoral studies each term and for all doctoral courses using Ladok. More information is available here.

Yearly follow-up

When it is time for the first yearly follow-up students should complete the form (Yearly follow-up of the individual study plan) together with their principal supervisor and then book a time for discussion of the first year with the director of doctoral studies. Students should take the form with them to the meeting and subsequently hand the signed form to the administrator for doctoral studies.

Apply for halftime review

Applications for the halftime review should be handed in to the administrator for doctoral studies about 5 weeks before the planned review. Information about the halftime review is available here.

Apply for thesis defense

Students should contact the director of doctoral studies and the head of department in good time before the deadline for applying for their thesis defense in order to arrange times for checking and signing of the application.


Questions about doctoral education at the Department of Laboratory Medicine should be addressed to the administrator for doctoral studies or the director of doctoral studies (contact info below). You may also contact the faculty or student members of the Doctoral Education Council at your division.

Anthony Wright

Director of doctoral studies
H5 Department of Laboratory Medicine

Ann Mellquist

Doctoral education administrator

Doctoral Education Council

Doctoral Education Council
Anthony Wright Clinical Research Center Chariman, Director of studies
Helen Kaipe Clinical Research Center Vice chairman, Vice Director of studies
Ann Mellquist Administration Council Educational administrator
Amarjit Saini Clinical Physiology Senior
Mikael Altun Clinical Physiology Senior
Caroline Palm Apergi Clinical Research Center Senior
Lena Ekström Clinical Pharmacology Senior
Tuomas Näreoja Pathology Senior
Karin Sundström Pathology Senior
Chaitanya Tellapragada Clinical Microbiology Senior
Laia Gorsch Clinical Research Center Doctoral representative
Dhanu Gupta Clinical Research Center Doctoral representative
Sara Svensson Akusjärvi Clinical Microbiology Doctoral representative
Maike Sperk Clinical Microbiology Doctoral representative
Joman Jovadi Pathology Doctoral representative
Magali Merrien Pathology Doctoral representative
Dina Dabaghie Pathology Doctoral representative
Suchita Desai Pathology Doctoral representative