Research study on safe opening of Campus for students and teachers due to the SARS-CoV-2 infection

Karolinska Institutet is carrying out a research study to evaluate whether the opening of the Campus has an effect or not on the spreading of the SARS-CoV-2 infection. All students and teachers at KI are welcome to participate. The project will collect study information provided via the KI-COVID19 App.

What is the study about?

This study will investigate whether or not the return to campus affects the spread of SARS-CoV-2 (which causes COVID-19) among students and teachers at Karolinska Institutet. We want to understand how specific conditions and behavior of students and teachers can affect the spread of SARS-CoV-2. The main aim is to develop an evidence-based action plan to minimize the spread of infection. All students and course teachers who study and teach at Karolinska Institutet Campus Flemingsberg and Solna are offered to participate in the study.

Karolinska Institutet is responsible for the study.

With your participation, you provide valuable data for understanding and regarding the spreading of COVID-19 disease.

Your participation is entirely voluntary.

How is the study conducted?

Once you consent to participate in the study, you will regularly answer a questionnaire via a mobile app with questions regarding your travel pattern, SARS-CoV-2 testing, teaching and symptoms/health conditions.

As part of the project, we also request access to archived samples from the participants who have tested positive for SARS-CoV-2. These samples will be sequenced for Coronavirus to be able to map any spread of infection. No sampling will be done within the study.

Workflow of the study

Graphic illustration of the General workflow of the Covid-19 study
Arbetsflöde för covid-19 forskningsstudie. Foto: N/A

Possible consequences or risks of participating in the study

Your data will be collected in a shell-protected and coded database within Karolinska Institutet to minimize the risk of date misuse or leaking. Only qualified and authorized study researchers will have access to the data via strong access control and authentication. The primary personal information managed by the project is your KI email which will be coded for use in the data management and research workflow.

What happens to the information?

The project will collect the information you provide via the app questionnaire. The questions are designed to provide factual evidence on whether or not reopening the KI campus affects the spread of SARS-CoV-2. The data collected will include information related to travel patterns to and from the university, use of protection, symptoms, and the like. The data collected during this research study will be processed by researchers at Karolinska Institutet. Your information is confidential, and only authorized researchers will access it. The reporting or publication of the results will be done with aggregated and anonymized data. It will not be possible to identify individual participants.

The study follows current legislation following the EU Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The authority responsible for personal data is Karolinska Institutet, 171 77 Stockholm.

You have the right to request in writing what information that is registered about you. You are entitled to receive such data extraction once a year free of charge. If it turns out that something is not correct about your data, the incorrect information must be corrected. You can also request restricting the processing of your personal data.

For extraction, modification, or restriction of your data, contact Prof. Joakim Dillner, who is responsible for the study.

In the case that you have views on the handling of data, contact Karolinska Institutet data protection officer Mats Gustavsson.

What happens to the samples?

The study will only use your samples if you have explicitly given your consent. Samples will be sequenced and then returned to the original biobank. The samples will be sequenced in Sweden and on behalf of Karolinska Institutet. In case the samples of interest for additional research questions not part of the original research plan, the Swedish Ethical Review Authority will decide whether you should be consulted again.

How we provide information about the results of the study

The results of the study will be sent out via the mobile application, published on Karolinska Institutet's website, in scientific journals, and presented in connection with scientific meetings. Only aggregated statistics will be presented, and no individual will be identified.

Insurance and compensation

No compensation is paid to study participants as it will not entail any extra costs for you. The study does not affect the insurance coverage you already have as a student.

Participation is voluntary

Your participation is voluntary, and you can choose to cancel your participation at any time. In the case that you decide not to participate or want to cancel your participation, you do not have to state why, nor will it affect your education.

If you wish to cancel your participation, please contact the person responsible for the study.

QR code for KI-COVID19 in AppStore
QR code for KI-COVID19 in App Store. Foto: N/A

Download instructions for iPhone users

Please download KI-COVID19 app by scanning the QR code with your mobile camera or click on the App link below.

  • See instructions below how to login.
Graphic illustration of QR code for KI-COVID19 in Google Play
QR code for KI-COVID19 in Google Play. Photo: N/A

Download instructions for Android users

Please download the KI-COVID19 app by scanning the QR code with your mobile camera or click on the Google Play link.

  • See instructions below how to login.

How to login the first time

  1. Open the App.
  2. Click “Sign Up” at the left-bottom of the form. See image 2.
  3. Read the “Information to the Participant”. Scroll to read the whole text. See image 4.
  4. If you agree, consent to participate by selecting the checkbox  “I agree…”. See image 4.
  5. The Sign Up page is presented. Provide your account data. See image 5-7.
    1. For the Email, select the correct KI domain. Note that the default domain is “” for students. For teacher, select “” domain.
    2. For the Phone, please follow the format +467XXXXXXXX for Swedish phone number.  Use +YYXXXXXXXX for non-Swedish number where YY is your country code.
  6. Agree the “Terms of Service” by selecting the check box. See image 5-7
  7. Click Sign Up. See image 5-7.
  8. If the email and phone are correct, you will receive a code by email and by the app to login.
  9. Enter the code.
  10. Login into the app using the email and the password that you provided.
Screenshots on how to log in to the covid-19 app. Photo: N/A

Responsible for the study

Data protection officer

Mats Gustavsson

Legal counsel
UF Central Administration