New staff at the Labmed administration council

We are happy to introduce new colleagues at the administration council at Department of Laboratory Medicine. Welcome!

Hermon Berhane

Financial Manager

Hermon recently came from Stockholm University where he worked as Head of Administration. His duties here will primarily consist of:

- Budgeting responsibilities and everything that follows, (such as annual resource allocation and division planning, follow up of those resources etc).

- Strategic personnel planning (administering and overseeing the division of labor) for several financial officers.

- Support the financial officers in their work with various department administrators.

- Establish a working relationship with the central financial office at KI and external funders (national and international ones).

Lena Andersson


Lena is replacing John Frölander as archivist and registrar at LabMed. She will be managing the records and archives of the department, as well as the registry (diarium). Previously she has worked at the Government offices and Svensk Handel. She will divide her time between Labmed and MedH (50/50).

Ulla Hedebrant

Medical laboratory scientist (MLS) /core facility administrator

Ulla is replacing Karin Olsson who is retiring from KI. Ulla previously worked at the department of Clinical Pharmacology at Karolinska Hospital. Parallel with analyzing samples she has been working with quality- and environmental questions. Her work at Labmed will be to support the teachers in their laboratory work when educating “MLS”-students. The support will be both practically and administratively.

Rasmus Larsson

Service technician ANA Futura

Rasmus recently finished his degree in Biomedical engineering at the Royal Institutet of Technology (KTH).

Rasmus is organisationally placed at Labmed, but works as a service technician for ANA Futura and is a part of their service team.

Mikael Hammarstedt

Laboratory coordinator ANA Futura

Mikael has previously worked as medical technician at Karolinska University Hospital, Huddinge for many years.

Mikael is organisationally placed at Labmed, but works as laboratory coordinator for ANA Futura and is a part of their service team.

Published 21st January, 2019