Karin Sundström is awarded the Jonas Söderquist scholarship for Virology and Immunology research

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Karin Sundström at the Department of Laboratory Medicine is awared 725 000 SEK from the Jonas Söderquist scholarship for Virology and Immunology research.

Congratulations on your scholarship.  Could you please explain what your research is about?

My research is about human papillomvirus, HPV, which is a common sexually transmitted infection which can result in cervical cancer and several other cancer forms. I use deep sequencing/next-generation sequencing methods to in detail describe viral genetics and try to understand why some HPV-infections lead to dysplasia and cancer of the cervix, whereas most do not.

What possibilities are given thanks to this scholarship?

Apart from that I am very honored that the project and my research are acknowledged by Karolinska Institutet, the prize is a valuable contribution to the expensive analysis in the project.