Hello new staff #10

We are happy to introduce staff changes and new colleagues at the Department of Laboratory Medicine. Welcome everyone!

Eilert Stensson

Financial officer

Eilert has previously been employed at KTH and Stockholm University, where he worked with project management, follow-up, budget, etc. At Labmed he will work with contract management, project management and follow-up for the divisions of Clinical Chemistry, Clinical Microbiology and Biomolecular and Cellular Medicine.

Zankruti Dave

Postdoc at Division of Biomolecular & Cellular Medicine/ Samir EL Andaloussi’s group

Zankruti comes from Mumbai, India. She completed her Phd in June 2020 from Masaryk University - Brno, Czech Republic under the supervision of Dr Vitezslav Bryja. Her thesis focused on the regulation of the receptor tyrosine kinase ROR1, a highly upregulated RTK in chronic lymphocytic leukemia, by the src family kinase Lyn. For the past one year she has been working as a post-doctoral researcher at IGP, Rudbecklaboratoriet, Uppsala where she has been trying to understand the role of the nuclear receptor Rev-Erba in controlling neural stem cell quiescence. At LabMed her role will be to develop bioengineered extracellular vesicles. The overall aims are to enhance endosomal escape of EVs in cells as well as to achieve specificity in terms of targeting EVs to different cell types.

My Nguyen

Laboratory coordinator at Division of Clinical Chemistry/ Uwe Tietge's group

My comes from Vietnam and before working at KI, she completed her master programme in Infection Biology and PhD in investigating the role of phosphoinositides in insulin secretion in pancreatic beta-cells at Uppsala University. At Labmed My participates in projects related to cardiometabolic diseases and teaching mainly in the biomedical analyst programme.


Annika Österdahl

Laboratory technician at the Division of Clinical Chemistry

Annika holds a Master of Medical Science in Biomedicine from Karolinska Institutet. Before joining the Department of Laboratory Medicine as laboratory technician she has worked in the medical technology industry. She will be teaching mainly at the Study Programme in Biomedical Laboratory Science.

Shahnaz Akil

Lecturer at the Division of Physiology

Shahnaz is a certified biomedical technologist who, in 2018, completed her PhD in clinical physiology at the cardiac MR group in Lund, Sweden. She has previously worked at the department of clinical physiology and nuclear medicine at the university hospital in Lund. She has also worked as an Assistant Professor and program coordinator at the nuclear medicine program at a university in Saudi Arabia. Shahnaz aims to teach, work clinically and do research at KI.

Nerea Martín Almazán

PhD student at the Division of Pathology/Dhifaf Sarhan's group

Nerea studied Biology at University of Alcalá de Henares, Madrid (Spain). After her bachelor she came to Sweden, where she studied a master's in microbiology at Stockholm University. She conducted her master thesis at Karolinska Institutet, in Cecilia Söderberg Nauclér´s laboratory. During her thesis she studied cytomegalovirus (CMV) and its negative influence in different types of cancer (glioblastoma, colon cancer, etc.). Furthermore, she combined anti-viral and anti-inflammatory treatments to counteract CMV impact in tumors. After her master thesis, she worked for one year at Söderberg Naucler´s lab as research assistant. During this year, she focused her research on SARS-CoV-2. As a PhD student in Dhifaf Sarhan´s group she will be studying NK cells. She will characterize and differentiate conventional (cNK) from adaptive NK cells (aNK), and will study their metabolism. She will also examine the effect of CMV on NK cells and will characterize aNK cells in CMV positive tumors, focusing on glioblastoma. 

Bhavik Rathod

PhD student at the Division of Pathology/Göran Andersson's group

Bhavik revious research Experience is Research Assistant at National Pandemic centre at Karolinska Institutet. Working with National COVID sequencing project, research Intern at Professor Kaisa Lehti’s lab investigating “The role of ECM matrix in the regulation of Sarcoma cells and immune microenvironment and research Intern at University of Sheffield working on “Characterization of miRNAs Targeting TRIB1 and their Impact on Macrophage Function, Polarization and Lipid Metabolism”. His current role will be working as a PhD Student under Dr. Sara Windahl, investigating the function of TRAP (ACP5) studying its role in bone-strengthening effects of loading and decreased risk for cancer metastases.

Emma Hyldéen

Educational Administrator (substitute for Jolly Sandberg)/Div of Pathology

Emma has previously taught high school subjects at a Folk High School /Popular Education School. At Labmed she will administrate courses and assist teachers and students with their work at the Division of Pathology.

Tommy Eklund

Technician, ANA Futura

Tommy started in the service team on 3rd May and works as a technician with main responsibility for technical service.

Åsa Hedberg

Technical assistant, ANA Futura

Åsa started in the service team on 14th June and works as a technical assistant with main responsibility for the washing facility.

Staff changes at the administration council

  • Anna Rönnbäck, HR manager
    Anna worked her last day on 17th September. We thank Anna for her excellent work and committment and wish her good luck in her new hometown Luleå in the north of Sweden. Replacement for Anna will be Lina Karlsson. We will launch an interview with Lina on the website after she starts on the 11th October. 
  • Elin Leandersson, Financial officer
    Elin worked her last day on 22nd August. We wish Elin good luck with her future duties at the Department of Neurobiology, Care Sciences and Society. Replacement for Elin is Eilert Stensson.
  • Ylva Ganemo, Technical assistant
    Ylva left her position as technical assistant in ANA Futura on 16th June. We wish Ylva all the success in the future. Ylva is replaced by Åsa Hedberg.

Published on 27th September, 2021

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