Hello new staff!

We are happy to introduce our new colleagues at the Department of Laboratory Medicine. Welcome!

Bo Zhang

Post doc at Division of Clinical Immunology & Transfusion Medicine / Qiang Pan Hammarström

Bo Zhang has joined the research group of Professor Qiang Pan-Hammarström as a postdoctoral bioinformatician. He worked in genomics for several years, then switched to mass spectrometry based proteomics after joining the Zubarev Lab at the department of Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics, where he completed his Ph.D. training in May 2017. His work here at LabMed aims to systematically investigate the mechanisms and therapeutic targets of B-cell lymphoma and immunological disorders.

Yao Liu

Guest researcher at Division of Clinical Immunology & Transfusion Medicine / Qiang Pan Hammarström

Yao Liu is a visiting researcher in the group of Professor Qiang Pan-Hammarström. She came from Soochow University, China. Previously, she focused on genetic variation on the outcome of hepatitis B infection and its-related cancers, and she completed her Ph.D. training in June 2013. After that, she has undergone pathological doctor training for three years. Her work in KI will focus on immunology and HBV-related cancers.

Marco Mandolesi

PhD student at Division of Clinical Immunology & Transfusion Medicine / Qiang Pan Hammarström

Marco Mandolesi has recently joined the team of Professor Qiang Pan-Hammarström to complete his education as doctoral student. He had his bachelor’s degree at the university of Camerino in Italy and his master’s degree at the University of Aarhus in Denmark. During his master’s thesis he worked on immunoassays investigating the recognition of carbohydrate epitopes in allergy. During his doctoral education he'll investigate the production of IgE in B cells in different pathological conditions such as allergy and immunodeficiency.

Yinqing Li

Post doc at Division of Clinical Immunology & Transfusion Medicine / Qiang Pan Hammarström

Yinqing Li got his BS from Fudan University majoring in microelectronics and PhD in 2016 from MIT in electrical engineering and computer science. He works in the field of system synthetic biology and genomics with a focus on single cell technologies. In Karolinska, he collaborates with Professor Qiang Pan-Hammarström and investigates the molecular mechanisms underlying IgE mediated allergy. His work is supported by Wenner Gren foundation.

Tacha Zi Plym Forshell

Laboratory Coordinator at Division of Clinical Immunology and Transfusion Medicine / Katarina Le Blanc

Tacha has previously worked at Vecura. At KI she will focus on manufacturing clinical MSC and the clinical part of the research.

Cecilia Ström

Laboratory Coordinator at Division of Clinical Immunology and Transfusion Medicine / Katarina Le Blanc

Cecilia has previously worked at SciLIfe Lab in Solna. At KI she will focus on manufacturing clinical MSC and assist in other research projects.

Suyesh Amatya

System developer at Division of Pathology / Joakim Dillner

Suyesh Amatya is from Kathmandu, Nepal. He did his education in computer engineering and software technology in Nepal and Sweden. He has been working as a system developer at KI since more than 3 years. He started working at MEB for BBMRI.se and since then he has also been working in several EU projects: RD-Connect, BioMedBridges, B3Africa, etc. He started at LabMed in 2016 in Joakim Dillner’s group. These days he divides his time between MEB and LabMed and is looking forward to knowing/meeting the colleagues at LabMed better. Apart from his work, he loves to spend time with his family and friends, watch movies/sports and travelling.

Anoop Ambikan

Research Assistant at Division of Microbiology / Anders Sönnerborg

Anoop is from India. He holds Masters Degree in Bioionformatics from Amrita School of Biotechnology, India. His previous stint was at Scigenom Labs (Pvt Ltd) as Bioinformatics Programmer, where he was involved in NGS data analysis such as whole genome and transcriptome data analysis of both prokaryotic and eukaryotic organisms. Currently working in Anders Sönnerborg group under the supervision of Dr. Ujjwal Neogi as Research Assistant where he is dealing with bioinformatics analysis of various kind of "omics data" related to HIV research.

Min Wan

Senior Researcher at Division of Microbiology / Bergman/Agerberth - The AMP group

Min Wan is from China. She defended her doctoral thesis in 2010 at MBB, KI, and have been focusing her research on the interactions between lipid mediators and antimicrobial peptides (AMPs) in host defense and inflammation. Currently, she is interested in studying host-microbe interactions between AMPs, the gut microbiota and pathogens by using zebrafish as a host model.

Robert van Domselaar

Post doc at Division of Microbiology / Group Ujjwal Neogi Department of Medicine, Huddinge / Unit of Infectious Diseases and Dermatology

Robert is from The Netherlands where he received his PhD degree with a main focus on how cytotoxic lymphocytes can control cytomegalovirus infections. In February this year, he started as postdoc in the group of Anders Sönnerborg and Ujjwal Neogi. He will study the molecular and cellular anti-HIV-1 mechanisms by which a small subgroup of HIV-1-infected individuals, called Elite Controllers, can control their infection without receiving antiretroviral therapy.

Caroline Palm Apergi group

Clinical Research Center

Oksana Goroshchuk M.D., PhD student, Elin Edsbäcker, PhD student, Ann-Charlotte Björklund, BMA , Caroline Palm Apergi, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Group Leader

We have just moved from Cancer Center Karolinska to the Department of Laboratory Medicine and are investigating Plk expression and drug delivery in pediatric leukemia. Our aim is to develop more specific treatments by targeting Plk1 with novel oligonucleotides and small molecules.

Published 30th August, 2017

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