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Hassan Abolhassani is awarded the Jonas Söderquist scholarship for Virology and Immunology research

Hassan Abolhassani at the Department of Laboratory Medicine is awared 1 000 000 SEK from the Jonas Söderquist scholarship for Virology and Immunology research.

Congratulations on your scholarship. Could you please explain what your research is about?

Thanks and I should also appreciate our team for this achievement. During the last 14 years and meanwhile of my three doctoral degrees on medicine, PhD on immunogenetic, and PhD on Clinical immunology I have continuously focused on the inborn immune system disorders and mainly on antibody deficiency. Using a multidisciplinary approach we have developed an advance multiomics pipeline in order to discover and validate novel immune-related gene defects.

What possibilities are given thanks to this scholarship?

Antibody deficiency patients present with different infectious and non-infectious complications including autoimmunity, inflammatory disorders, allergies and cancers. Therefore with understanding the mechanisms underlying these diseases, we can help not only the patients and their families, but also a wide variety of unsolved chronic and common disorders with high burden worldwide. In the project supported by this valuable scholarship, we are planning to elaborate on diagnosis, treatment and management of association of specific types of cancer and antibody deficiency.