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FollowMePrint in ANA Futura

The printers on the 7th, 8th and 9th floor are installed with FollowMePrint.

You need to do the following:

  1. Connect your KI Access card to any Ricoh-printer. See instructions by each printer.

  2. Set a new default printer. See instructions below.

  3. When this is done you can start printing on any Ricoh-printer you want.

    Set a default printer - PC & Mac


    1. Find the printer

    Copy "\\edp-ki-prn01" and paste it into the search field of the start-menu (see image below). Press enter. A new window appears. Proceed to step 2 when the installation is completed. Close any other popup-window that might appear.

    2. Click the start-button and choose “Devices and Printers”

    3. Right-click and choose “set as default printer”

    4. Ready for print

    Connect your KI Access card to the printer and you can start printing.


    1. Enter the ”Self Service portalen” - log in with your KI-ID

    2. Click on ”Printers”

    3. Click on the button install" on the printer called "KI-EDP-KI-PRN01-eduPrint-KI"

    4. Click "install" in the next window again.

    5. Go to settings and choose ”Printers and scanners”

    6. Right-click on the printer called EDP-KI-PRN-01 and choose ”set at default printer”

    What is FollowMePrint?

    You can use any printer included in the FollowMePrint service, all you need is your KI Access card. All printers have a card reader and when printing, you identify yourself with your KI Access card and actively select what you want to print on a touch screen. The advantage of this is that it is environmentally friendly (saves paper) but also that all users can go to any printer on the floors (which has FollowMePrint) and print your documents – all you need is your KI Access card.