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Brian Godman

Role:      Post doc - Senior researcher (part time)

Division: Clinical Pharmacology

The biggest cultural shock coming from working in Italy to Sweden is the difference in eating times...

Brian GodmanHow long have you been at KI?

4 years

What did you do before you came to LabMed?

PhD via Institute of Pharmacological Research Mario Negri, Milan, Italy. External supervisor at Liverpool Health Economics Centre, Liverpool University, UK. Prior to that – Head of an International Division at a Global Consulting Company

Describe a typical day at work.

Usually researching with health authority/ health insurance personnel across Europe ways to further enhance the quality and efficiency of their prescribing for both new and established projects, and submitting the work for publication (over 60 papers published, In Press or accepted since I started my PhD).

What was your first impression of the institution/your division?

Honoured to be asked to be a part of the Division of Clinical Pharmacology at KI since I had enormous respect for KI having done my first degree in Pharmacology in the early 70s when ground breaking work was being carried out at KI on the prostaglandins/ prostacyclin. In addition, the Division is well respected internationally.

What is the biggest challenge when doing research at KI?

Time – not enough hours in the day to complete all the research/ publications I would like to undertake.

What culture differences do you face here in Sweden?

 I find the people very hospitable and friendly. Probably (if anything) the biggest cultural shock coming from working in Italy for my PhD (there also part time) to Sweden is the difference in eating times especially dinner, i.e. 5.30/6 pm (Sweden) to 9.00/ 9.30 (Italy)! This is less of an issue coming from the UK.

When do you have most fun at work?

When I have papers accepted for publication!

 Any advice to people reading this and thinking about moving here?

Sweden is a great country to live in. In addition, KI is a great place to work!