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Article Archive

Two articles published in the journal The Lancet

Robert Månsson is to be awarded the 2014 Hagberg prize

New treatment principle for tuberculosis activates the body's own defence system

New therapeutic approaches to Hepatitis C Virus

Why the immune system fails to kill HIV

Personalised medicine against hereditary immunodeficiency

Dr. Stephen Strom on Transplanting Stem Cells from Placentas to Repair the Liver

Max Planck establishes a new research laboratory at Karolinska Institutet

Launch of homepage for Laboratory of the future ANA 8!

Biomedical Computing Center at KI

C.I Edvard Smith, receives the Waldenström’s Macroglobulinemia Discovery Award

Jonas Söderquist scholarship for Virology and Immunology research

KI takes part in vaccine project for Crimean–Congo hemorrhagic fever

PedCRIN project builds research infrastructure

Hope for new treatment for Huntington’s disease

Silver medallist for “För nit och redlighet i rikets tjänst”, NOR, awarding ceremony

Dr Sougat Misra, awarded the 2017 environmental prize in medicine

Prof. Alimuddin Zumla has been made Knight Bachelor of The Most Excellent Order (KBE)

Anti-inflammatory drugs can inhibit muscle growth

Congratulations Samir EL Andaloussi

Method for testing combinations of antibiotics awarded EU funds

Professor Mikael Björnstedt received the Doctor Honoris Causa Award of Semmelweis University

Mäster 2017

Ujjwal Neogi - new research group leader at the department of Laboratory Medicine

Jonas Söderquist scholarship for Virology and Immunology research

Major grant from The Swedish Research Council

Professor Edvard Smith had the honor of introducing the 2018 Nobel Prize winners in Physiology or Medicine

Congratulations Fredrik - awarded Karolinska Institutet’s Silver Medal for 2018

EU and Russia collaborate in new project on infectious diseases

Researchers from LABMED has developed a unique 3D model system that can potentially predict drug response in patients with operable pancreatic cancer