The zebrafish core facility - education and conferences

The zebrafish core facility organizes practical trainings and international conferences.

Zebrafish laboratory animal course

If you would like to work with zebrafish larvae that are older than five days, you are required by Swedish law to complete a species-specific animal course. The course consists of two parts: a theoretical part and a practical training onsite at our zebrafish core facility. To register for the zebrafish animal course, please send an email to

The Nordic Zebrafish and Husbandry conference

Together with our partner zebrafish facility at Uppsala University we organize the annual Nordic Zebrafish and Husbandry conference. The last conference was held at Karolinska Institutet and attracted more than 120 participants from Nordic and European countries.

For more information on upcoming Nordic zebrafish and husbandry meetings contact Lars Bräutigam

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