Mouse necropsy

This two-day course will provide the theoretical background of performing mouse necropsies, including procedures and methods to preserve organs and tissues for further morphological analysis.

About the course

This course will provide a basic foundation to individuals who perform research using experimental mouse models and have to conduct a post-mortem examination to analyze morphological changes either due to experimental manipulation or due to introduced genetic changes.

The course will provide a theoretical background to;

  • standardized mouse necropsies
  • sampling of organs
  • alternative ways of preserving these for further morphological analyses
  • trimming of the organs and preparing these for sectioning for later evaluation using microscopy

A basic description of terms used to describe gross changes will be provided both in lectures and through recommended literature. The main part of the course will be devoted to practical necropsy training, where the participants will be actively supervised during the training.

Students need to have completed a laboratory animal science course on how to carry out scientific procedures on mice i.e. EU Function A or equivalent course.

Course syllabus

Mouse necropsy (Kiwas)


  • Dr. Raoul Kuiper, DVM, PhD, DECVP
  • Rafael Frias, DVM, MSc, PhD, Assoc. Professor

Admission fee

Free for doctoral students and postdocs registered at Karolinska Institutet. For the rest of KI participants is 5 200 SEK (including INDI), and for externals is 8 000 SEK (excluding VAT). Company employees please contact

Spring 2022

Course dates: May 23-25.

Registration: Apply for spring 2022 here.


Learning Lab, Comparative Medicine (Solna).

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