Learning Lab for rent

The Learning Lab at Comparative Medicine is available for rent for lectures, practical training and research with laboratory animals.

Learning lab. Photo: KM/KI.

Are you looking for a small lecture room that is centrally situated at KI Campus Solna, and that is available for online reservation? Or maybe you are interested in a large and spacious lab, fully equipped for microsurgery in rat and mouse? The Learning Lab at Comparative Medicine is available for rent!

The learning lab can be rented as a:

  • lecture room for a maximum of 20 persons
  • course lab for a maximum of 16 students
  • research lab for short-term and terminal experiments with laboratory animals.

Available equipment (examples): 

  • whiteboard
  • slide projector
  • projector screen
  • stationary computer (PC)
  • wireless Internet
  • eight microscopes for use in microsurgery
  • gas anesthesia
  • basic lab equipment

Licensed animal facility

The Learning Lab is licensed as an animal facility by the Swedish Board of Agriculture and can house mice and rats for up to six weeks. Genetically modified animals are however not allowed. 

Mice or rats can be provided from our ethics application for customers who want to perform experiments with surgical techniques.


For lectures: 1150 SEK/day (eight hours, excl. INDI).

For research and to be used for courses: 1620 SEK/day (eight hours, excl. INDI), alternatively 6700 SEK/week (excl. INDI).

Make a request 

Log on to Time Edit to make a request for a reservation of Learning Lab (in Swedish: “Beställning Learning Lab”). Your reservation must be confirmed before you can use the lab.

Please note: All persons entering the Learning Lab are on a 24-hour quarantine before they can enter another animal facility. Persons allergic to laboratory animals shall not enter the Learning Lab.