Housing mice at FastTrack D-barrier - enquiry form

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By submitting an online form to KIMM you are only submitting an enquiry about the possibility of using our services. You are not submitting a binding order. Your enquiry will be followed up as soon as possible by KIMM staff. Please note that it can take up to 3-4 weeks for approval of your submission due to summer holidays (July-August).

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Ultrasound-guided in utero injection in mice

Ultrasound-guided in utero injection in mice - online enquiry form 

Importing animals

Importing animals - online enquiry form 

Production and breeding of transgenic mice

Gene targeted mouse production part 1: ES cell targeting - online enquiry form 

Gene targeted mouse production part 2: ES cell injection - online enquiry form 

Transgenic mouse production - online enquiry form 

Other forms

Housing mice at Barrier D - online enquiry form 

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