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CPD courses

All persons working with research animals are required to maintain their LAS competence via CPD activities.


Swedish legislation & ethics

Researchers with education in laboratory animal science from countries other than Sweden need to pass the Swedish legislation, ethics and animal use course before they will be granted access to animal facilities at Karolinska Institutet. Details about the course

Function A: Perform procedures

Compulsory courses for all working with laboratory animals and who do not have previous qualifications in laboratory animal science. The courses are species-specific and include the C and D functions. Details about the course

Function B: Design and supervise procedures and projects using animals

A compulsory training course in laboratory animal science for those who are responsible for project licence applications, and are planning and designing experiments in research projects using laboratory animals. Details about the course

Phenotyping of genetically engineered mice

The course teaches how genetically engineered mice can be phenotyped in a strategic way. Details about the course

Anaesthesia, analgesia & surgery

The main goal of this course is to provide education and training in anaesthesia and analgesia in laboratory mice and rats. The instructor for this course is the internationally recognised expert Paul Flecknell. Details about the course

Mouse necropsy in theory and practice

This two-day course will provide the theoretical background of performing mouse necropsies, including procedures and methods to preserve organs and tissues for further morphological analysis. Details about the course