Research School in General Science for Clinicians

The research school has a clinical orientation and is primarily for doctoral students (different professional groups) at Karolinska Institutet who are clinically affiliated with one of Stockholm’s hospitals.

The aim of the school is to furnish participants with basic skills in critical, ethical and scientific thinking, to provide an introduction to clinical research, to serve as a source of inspiration and to supply the participant with the tools they need for the practical execution of their research projects.

Invitations will be published on this webpage and distributed by email to clinical managers at Stockholm’s hospitals,. Possible candidates can post their applications at this webpage, after granting support of their clinical managers.. as the clinical managers are also required to cover the participation fee and approve paid leave for the participants from their clinical responsibilities. Applications are to be sent to the course coordinator at the Department of Clinical Research and Education, Södersjukhuset (KI SÖS) by 1 November. An agreement defining the terms and conditions will then be signed by the clinical manager and the course coordinator.

KI SÖS School of Clinical Research comprises 4 weeks of full-time study (2 weeks in the spring and 2 weeks in the autumn) and contains theoretical and practical aspects and an 8-week research period in consultation with the relevant clinic. The maximum number of participants is 24.

The research school consists of four compulsory doctoral courses that together are worth 7.5 credits:

  • Medical statistics 3.0 credits
  • Theory of science and research ethics 2.0 credits
  • Science communication 1.5 credits
  • Quality assurance of clinical research 1.0 credits

The course is held in Swedish.

The teaching takes the form of lectures, seminars, group work, project work and assignments.

Participants are examined through a statistical assignment, ethical reflection, and a presentation of their own project, revised during the course period, for their peers, an opponent and the course coordinator.

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