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This is a live page where we will continuously update information about the process regarding the recruitment of a new Head of Department at the Department of Science and Education at Södersjukhuset (KI SÖS).

Illustration med stiliserade människor och kugghjul som ska symbolisera samarbete.
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Jan Bolinder, former Head of Department at at the Department of Medicine Huddinge, has been commissioned by Dean of Southern Campus, Maria Eriksdotter, to lead the recruitment process for a successor to Per Tornvall, who resigns as Head of Department for KI SÖS on 31 October 2023.

The mandate covers 5 years and can be extended by 3-year periods thereafter.

Step 1 - Recruitment Committee

The chairman has appointed a recruitment committee with the task of deciding a requirements profile for the role. Discussion and confirmation of the recruitment group members and the requirements profile took place with student representatives, department representatives and union representatives on 12th of January.

The Recruitment Committee

Jan Bolinder, Chairperson
Ann-Sofie Wall, Secretary
Sari Ponzer, Member
Ami Fagerdahl, Member
Buster Mannheimer, Member
Martin Jonsson, Member
Maria Eriksdotter, Dean of Southern Campus, adjunct

Step 2 - open nomination

Between March 6 – 17, there was an open nomination period. All employees and affiliates within the department could nominate* candidates they consider suitable for the task as Head of Department according to the established requirements profile [in Swedish only]

*) Nomination means that you are proposing a candidate, it is not a voting procedure.

Step 3 - open hearing

On May 9ththere is an open hearing with the candidates selected by the recruitment committee. All department employees, Dean of Southern Campus, HR manager, union representatives and student representatives are invited to listen and ask questions to the candidates. 

The hearing is in Swedish with the possibility to ask questions in English.

Step 4 - report to the Dean

The chairperson of the recruitment committee hands over a report to the Dean of Southern Campus about the work the committee has done. 

Step 5 - interviews

The final candidates are interviewed by Dean of Southern Campus and HR specialist, and undergo individual personal assessments.

Step 6 - decision

The KI President decides on a new Head of Department in early autumn. The decision will be communicated to all staff at the department.

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