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Take part of Nobel calling at Karolinska Institutet

Nobel calling

In early October, the recipients of this year’s Nobel Prizes will be announced. In connection with this, the Nobel Center, in collaboration with among others Karolinska Institutet, organizes inspirational events and instructive meetings. This is a compilation of the events arrange at Karolinska Institutet.

Open House Karolinska Institutet Biomedicum

Saturday. Bring your family and friends and attend exhibitions, interactive activities and lectures with our researchers in KI's brand new laboratory Biomedicum. Learn more about stem cells, physical activity, pain, the intestinal flora, and get a chance to test your lungs, take a house tour and much more. We welcome all curious adults and children in search for the intellectual challenges and rewards that science offers.

Time, location and agenda for the activities during the open house

Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine - a symposium open to the public

Saturday. Welcome a symposium on stem cells and regenerative medicine open to the public. The event is held in Swedish.

Time, location and agenda for the symposium

The only constant is change: Exploring the evolvement of health and social care integration

Dissertation with Charlotte Klinga

Friday. In her doctoral thesis, Charlotte Klinga adresses the evolvement of long-lasting integrated health and social care services in mental health care. The public defence is open to a lay audience

Time, location and agenda for the dissertation