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Memorial ceremony for Professor Hans Rosling

Memorial ceremony for Hans Rosling, 14 March at Karolinska Institutet.

Hans Rosling, professor of international health, passed away early Tuesday morning, 7 February 2017. In honour of Hans Rosling, Karolinska Institutet will hold a memorial ceremony that will be open for the public.

Date and time: 2017-03-14, 17:00 to 18:15.
Location: Erling Persson Hall, Aula Medica, Karolinska Institutet, Nobels väg 6, Solna

The ceremony will be led by Professor Hans Wigzell. Participating in the ceremony will be some of Hans Rosling's former PhD students, colleagues, friends and family: Abela Agnarsson, Hannah Akuffo, Jean Pierre Banea Mayambu, Sven Hagströmer, Helena Nordenstedt, Anna Rosling Rönnlund, Ola Rosling and Johan von Schreeb.

The ceremony will primarily be held in English.

The Erling Persson Hall can accommodate 1,000 people. Apart from close family, KI management and close associates, no other seats will be available for reservation, so first come first served applies. The ceremony begins at 17:00 and the doors will be opened at 16:00.