Widerströmska Equal Rights Network

The Karolinska Institutet Widerströmska Equal Rights Network (WERN) works to promote equality and tackle discrimination throughout different Departments at KI.

At the moment, the WERN is constituted by the equal treatment representatives at the Department of Clinical Neuroscience, the Department of Global Public Health, the Department of Children’s and Women’s Health, and the Department of Learning, Informatics, Management and Ethics at KI. We also maintain a close link with the central Equal Opportunities team at KI.

The WERN regularly organizes seminars in the topic of equality in academia and society at large and participates in equality-related events at the KI-level.


Previous seminars

Date: 2021/10/07
Title: Increasing the Awareness of Neurodiversity in Academia
Speaker: Professor Sara Rankin, Imperial College London, UK
Link to the online seminar

Date: 2020/11/24
Title: The research and collaboration program on gender-based violence
Speakers: Karin Dahlman-Wright, Karolinska Institutet and Lisa Rudolfsson, University of Gothenburg
Title: How worldviews, gender, and sexism predict support for equality
Speaker: Maria Sandgren, Södertörn University

Date: 2019/10/15
Title: Equality aspects at KI from the Junior Faculty Survey - Current Challenges and Future Actions
Speakers: Kristiina Tammimies and Shireen Sindi, Karolinska Institutet

Date: 2019/08/29
Title: Transgender, in life and in research
Speaker: Kyriaki Kosidou, Karolinska Institutet

Date: 2019/05/16
Title: Gender aspects in peer-review of applications to KI career ladder positions
Speakers: Sara Hägg, Karolinska Institutet and Sarah Holst, Uppsala University

Date: 2018/10/16
Title: Supression techniques
Speaker: Sofia Karlsson, Karlsson & Wiktorsson


WERN members


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