Short term project in Surgery

At the Division of Surgery we are welcoming students for different types of short-term projects, for example Degree projects, Master thesis, Bachelor projects, ST-projects, research training etc. On this page we list current projects that would be suitable for short term work in our research groups. If interested, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the contact persons listed below.



Molecular studies on vaginal wound healing.

Wound healing process aims to repair and regenerate tissues. In several conditions, affecting girls and young women with congenital genitourinary anomalies, reconstructive surgery can lead to tissue fragility, stenosis, excessive scarring, and pain. There is a gap of knowledge related to molecular events that are involved in normal vaginal wound healing.

In this project we aim to evaluate the role of microRNAs in human vaginal healing.

To achieve our aims, we will analyze regulatory function of microRNAs in human vaginal cells using wound healing models in vitro. In a clinical context, increased knowledge could be used for future treatment in pathological wound healing.

Your application should include a CV, a personal letter and a transcript of credits.