Psychological and socio-economic childhood cancer research

Members of the research team:

Emma Hoven, PhD
Annika Lindahl Norberg, Lic. psychologist, PhD, Ass Prof.
Sofia Hjelmstedt, PhD-student

Research projects:

Socio-economic childhood cancer research

The research aims at increased knowledge of the socioeconomic situation of parents of a child diagnosed with cancer. By using national register data we study a national cohort study of mothers and fathers of children diagnosed with cancer 2004-2009, describing the socioeconomic effects of childhood cancer on parents’ gross income, income from employment, and reliance on/use of social benefit. Interviews with parents are performed to get a better understanding of how parents experience their work ability and their alternatives and preferences regarding work and childcare. The findings of the project bring insight into parents’ need of socioeconomic support and can be used to facilitate the development of support strategies that meets parents’ needs.

Effects of childhood cancer on future health behaviours

There is a growing population of long-term childhood cancer survivors. These survivors are at risk for a range of late effects. As a result, engaging in protective health behaviours and limiting health damaging behaviours are vitally important. In this study we will investigate the effects of childhood cancer on health behaviours among young adult survivors. Results aim to explain how health behaviours and health outcomes are linked, clarify the need of promoting protective health behaviours and identify vulnerable groups for adverse health outcomes.