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KBH researchers A-Ö

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Sonia Andersson Virus related gynaecologic cancer
Ulf Andersson Inflammatory diseases
Anita Aperia Paediatric Cell and Molecular Biology
Marco Bartocci Infant sensory system and spectroscopy
Klas Blomgren Injury and repair in the immature brain
Hjalmar Brismar Paediatric Cell and Molecular Biology
Petter Brodin Human systems immunology
Sven Bölte Autism Spectrum Disorders / Karolinska Institutet Center of Neurodevelopmental Disorders (KIND)
Ann-Christine Eliasson Intervention and neurodevelopment


Hans Forssberg Global panorama of developmental disabilities
Magdalena Fossum Tissue engineering
Kristina Gemzell Danielsson Research in Reproductive Health/ Reproductive Medicine
Lars Hagenäs Auxology
Gunilla Hedlin Asthma and allergy in children
Jan-Inge Henter Histiocytoses and Hematology
Eric Herlenius Development of autonomic control
Mats Heyman Childhood Cancer Epidemiology
Baldvin Jonsson Neonatal respiratory disorders, pathophysiology and treatment


Per Kogner Translational research of childhood neural tumours
Jon Konradsen Diagnostik och behandling av allergi och astma hos barn
Lena Krumlinde Sundholm Intervention and assessment
Jan-Olov Larsson Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Hugo Lagercrantz Perinatal physiology
Svetlana Lajic Congenital adrenal hyperplasia
Claudia Lampic Fex-Can, Fertility and sexuality following cancer
Angelica Lindén Hirschberg Reproductive endocrinology and metabolism
Helena Lindgren Reproduction, Childbirth and Parenting
Giovanna Marchini Neonatal immunology and infection
Carmen Mesas Burgos Congenital diaphragmatic hernia and abdominal wall defects
Miriam Mints Gynaecologic cancer
Anna Nilsson Recovery of the immune system and resistance against infections in paediatric patients undergoing chemotherapy
Ola Nilsson Growth and cartilage biology
Agneta Nordenskjöld Malformation genetics
Björn Nordlund Allergy and Asthma Group and Clinical Health Care Science


Pernilla Pergert Childhood cancer health care research
Eva Pontén Paediatric orthopedics
Thomas Ringstedt CNS development
Martin Ritzén Sex differentiation
Per-Anders Rydelius Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Lena Sahlin NORDFERTIL Research Lab Stockholm
Thomas Seijersen Neuromuscular diseases
Sven-Erik Sonesson Perinatal cardiology
Jan-Bernd Stukenborg NORDFERTIL Research Lab Stockholm
Jan F Svensson Esophageal atresia
Lars Sävendahl Experimental growth research
Olle Söder Reproductive physiology
Kristina Tedroff Cerebral palsy and movement disorders


Mireille Vanpée Neonatal nephrology
Eva Weidenhielm Broström Motion, gait and function
Ulla Waldenström Maternal and newborn care
Tomas Wester Gastrointestinal pediatric surgery
Björn Westrup Neonatal care
Lena Wettergren Fex-Can, Fertility and sexuality following cancer
Ronny Wickström Neuroinflammation in the developing brain
Ulrika Ådén Saving the brain in critically ill neonates
Lars Ährlund-Richter Micro colonisation and chemotherapy response of high-risk neuroectodermal tumours
Maria Öjmyr Joelsson Children with Imperforate Anus - psychosocial aspects