KBH researchers A-Ö


Sonia AnderssonVirus related gynaecologic cancer

Ulf AnderssonInflammatory diseases

Anita AperiaPaediatric Cell and Molecular Biology

Marco BartocciInfant sensory system and spectroscopy

Klas BlomgrenInjury and repair in the immature brain

Hjalmar BrismarPaediatric Cell and Molecular Biology

Petter BrodinHuman systems immunology

Sven BölteAutism Spectrum Disorders / Karolinska Institutet Center of Neurodevelopmental Disorders (KIND)

Ann-Christine EliassonIntervention and neurodevelopment



Hans ForssbergGlobal panorama of developmental disabilities

Magdalena FossumTissue engineering

Kristina Gemzell DanielssonResearch in Reproductive Health/ Reproductive Medicine

Lars HagenäsAuxology

Gunilla HedlinAsthma and allergy in children

Jan-Inge HenterHistiocytoses and Hematology

Eric HerleniusDevelopment of autonomic control

Mats HeymanChildhood Cancer Epidemiology

Baldvin JonssonNeonatal respiratory disorders, pathophysiology and treatment



Per KognerTranslational research of childhood neural tumours

Jon KonradsenDiagnostik och behandling av allergi och astma hos barn

Lena Krumlinde SundholmIntervention and assessment

Jan-Olov LarssonChild and Adolescent Psychiatry

Hugo LagercrantzPerinatal physiology

Svetlana LajicCongenital adrenal hyperplasia

Claudia LampicFex-Can, Fertility and sexuality following cancer

Angelica Lindén HirschbergReproductive endocrinology and metabolism

Helena LindgrenReproduction, Childbirth and Parenting

Giovanna MarchiniNeonatal immunology and infection

Carmen Mesas BurgosCongenital diaphragmatic hernia and abdominal wall defects

Miriam MintsGynaecologic cancer

Phillip Newton: Skeletal development

Anna NilssonRecovery of the immune system and resistance against infections in paediatric patients undergoing chemotherapy

Ola Nilsson: Growth and cartilage biology

Agneta NordenskjöldMalformation genetics

Björn NordlundAllergy and Asthma Group and Clinical Health Care Science



Pernilla PergertChildhood cancer health care research

Eva PonténPaediatric orthopedics

Thomas RingstedtCNS development

Martin RitzénSex differentiation

Per-Anders RydeliusChild and Adolescent Psychiatry

Lena SahlinNORDFERTIL Research Lab Stockholm

Thomas SeijersenNeuromuscular diseases

Sven-Erik SonessonPerinatal cardiology

Jan-Bernd StukenborgNORDFERTIL Research Lab Stockholm

Jan F SvenssonEsophageal atresia

Lars SävendahlExperimental growth research

Olle SöderReproductive physiology

Cilla SöderhällGenetic and epigenetic factors in asthma and allergy

Kristiina TammimiesGenetic, molecular and medical decoding of neurodevelopmental disorders

Kristina TedroffCerebral palsy and movement disorders



Mireille VanpéeNeonatal nephrology

Eva Weidenhielm BroströmMotion, gait and function

Ulla WaldenströmMaternal and newborn care

Tomas WesterGastrointestinal pediatric surgery

Björn WestrupNeonatal care

Lena WettergrenFex-Can, Fertility and sexuality following cancer

Ronny WickströmNeuroinflammation in the developing brain

Ulrika ÅdénSaving the brain in critically ill neonates

Lars Ährlund-RichterMicro colonisation and chemotherapy response of high-risk neuroectodermal tumours

Maria Öjmyr JoelssonChildren with Imperforate Anus - psychosocial aspects